The Watchman’s Call

Many have not heeded the call,
From the Watchman on the wall.
The sword is coming to take the land,
The city will not surely stand.

The Watchman blew the trumpet for all to hear,
The sword is coming the city is in fear.
Some, they listened and rushed inside,
Others ignored and stayed outside.

The sword came and carried them away,
They had not believed so they could not stay.
Many had not heeded God’s call,
So now the city would have to fall.

The Watchman’s heart was heavy,
As the trumpet he blew.
What were they all to do?

For years the watchman had called their name,
But they turned him out and continued the same
He knew he had a job to do,
So the trumpet he blew, and blew, and blew.

Destruction was coming across the land,
This was truly not the Watchman’s plan.

Outside the gate some decided they would be,
“Surely the sword will not come for me.”
They had listened to the deceivers plan,
The lies he told them sounded really grand.

If they stayed outside the gate,
Fame and fortune they would see.
Great and mighty,
They would surely be.

The Watchman cried as He blew the last time,
If only they had listened and did not buy the lies.
The deceiver had fooled them one and all,
They ignored the watchman and did not heed the call.

“Narrow the gate I said would be,
But they chose not to listen to me.
For years I have said do not look left or right,
But keep your eyes on My Guiding Light.”

The day will come they will plead,
“Lord open the gate for me please.
I fed the hungry in your name,
I clothed the homeless just the same!”

“I healed the sick and said to devils “Go”,
“Does that not make it so?”
On and on one by one they came,
Saying, “I did this all in Jesus name”!

In His book, the Book of Life,
He found them not,
Neither husband nor wife.
“Away from me thou must go,
Did you not read I said so?”

“Relationship” The King said,
“Is very important to me,
I do not know you, can’t you see.”
“It is not all the works and things you have done,
It is building our “Relationship” my son.”

“A New Revelation for a New Move,
Since when did I change, I shall reprove.”

The Watchman had saved all he could,
He sounded the trumpet when he should.
Their blood was not on his hands,
For the King had now taken command.

His plans are written in His word,
It is meant for all to be heard.
“My plan is simple” he has said,
 “Be the living among the dead”.

Destruction is coming along the way,
Follow what he has to say.
Man does not always get it right,
Keep vigilant both day and night.

We are the Kings Watchman on the wall,
Blowing the trumpet the warning Call.
Follow the King and His commands,
Or the day will come you will not stand.

Be watchful and vigilant with your life,
The deceiver is coming with greater strife.
Hide the word deep in your heart,
We must be obedient from the start.

The Watchman is watching from the wall,
Blowing the trumpet, “The Warning Call.”

by: Gleneva Lundmark

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