God’s way to Holiness – Sanctification / Consecration

In this letter my hope is that we will come into a deeper understanding of sanctification and consecration.  This letter is written out of a burning desire, a hunger in my heart for more of a personal relationship with God our Father, through prayer and reading His Word. It is my hope and desire to see this hunger in all believers and the mighty power of the Holy Spirit illuminating Christ in us.

As we begin to ask and seek God, yield and surrender all to Him, expect to be filled with His precious gift of the infilling of the Holy Ghost. We are to praise and worship our Father and He will not deny, what you are hungry for. The Holy Spirit; the one who convicts us of sin, our teacher, counselor and helper.

We will began to truly understand the meaning of truth, truth of the Gospel, as regards to human life and eternity. There will be a desire to separate ourselves from worldly, places, things and yes, worldly desires. A love for Godly and the things of God will become more relevant in the spirit filled believer. Prayer and God’s Word will become of the utmost importance.
We will see a move of His Spirit, in our own personal lives, resulting from God’s sanctification process of holiness as we continue to allow Him to do a good work in us. We also need to be alert and obedient doing our part in consecrating ourselves to live a life of Holiness. This infilling of the Holy Spirit will continue to led us into God’s will for us.
Stay hungry through prayer and reading His Word, the Bible, bringing forth life changing results. Christ in us working through us, resulting in souls brought into His Kingdom, bringing Glory to the Father through His Son, Jesus! Praise be to God!

Prayer is closely connected with consecration. In fact, Prayer is a direct result to consecration. In today’s circle of Christian service, there is truly a lack of consecration, resulting from a lack of dedicated prayer. Consecration is much more than a life of so-called service.

Today in the church realm, there is much superficial/outward service but where is the inward life, the life of personal holiness stemming from the prayer closet; a brokenness, bringing spiritual power into the heart of the inner man.

Salvation is redemption by God, through Jesus Christ the Redeemer. When we become born again, we have been redeemed by God for His purpose. A sanctified life is God’s part in the believer, in the process of being made holy resulting in a changed life-style. God is calling His people to consecrate themselves that is setting apart their whole body: mind (emotions and will), spirit and soul to the worship and service of God. You can say God sanctifies us and we consecrate ourselves by living a pure and holy life.

Sanctification is the divine side (God’s part) of holiness, the act of the Holy Spirit working in the heart, making it clean, setting the vessel aside for God’s holy use. As we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit will manifest the fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit in us. It will take living a Holy life as the believer keeps his relationship with God.

God is with His people in exile and suffering. He knows our fears, speaks words of comfort, and promises to help us, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sanctification is God’s part Jesus prayed that the Father would separate His disciples from worldliness and dedicate and equip them for His service. Disciples are equipped for God’s work through the truth, which is the Word of God.

  • Psalm 119:142 Your justice is eternal, and your law is perfectly true.

God’s Word, both living and written, is the chief means through which He sanctifies us.

Every believer is CALLED TO CONSECRATE themselves unto God from the time they are born-again UNTIL DEATH OR HIS RETURN…in other-words; for the rest of our earthly life.

Consecration is the human side (our part) of holiness. Consecration is that of setting apart one’s self to God; a separation from worldly, secular and even legitimate things; if they come in conflict with God’s plan. All believers have been called to be a servant of God in the avenue of the consecrated life-style for their maker, God. The consecrated servant must be a life of total/ fully consecration to God, not a partial consecrated life; not a half-hearted service to God.

God demands involvement of our whole being; our body, our soul, our spirit, our mind, emotions and our will. As a believer we are to give of all we have and all that we are. Only through prayer and His Word can we achieve this human side of consecration, which in turns draws us into a life of consecration, daily setting of one’s self apart fully, to God’s work.     

Yes, prayer and Gods’ Word is the very thing that puts man in reach of God:

  • giving all to God,
  • receiving all from God,
  • claiming all that God has for him.

The consecrated person seeks after holiness of heart and is to live a holy life. A life flowing from a heart cleansed from all sin. This is the very thing to keep in mind: to watch and pray and use attentiveness in using all means of grace (love). Yes, a person after God’s own heart, one that prays, listens and obeys.

It takes prayer to bring one into such a consecrated life of holiness to the Lord and it takes prayer and Gods’ Word to maintain this life of holiness.

  • Hebrews 12:14 ”Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.”

A consecrated life is a life of prayer that brings forth:

  • a joyful heart,
  • satisfaction of the soul, and
  • contentment of the spirit.

God will keep the person in perfect peace whose mind is on the Lord. Praying ones, are after the very deepest form of grace…that of being saved from all sin, both inward and outward.

The Word of God and Prayer is what sets the standard of a Christians life, so vital, so far reaching, that it enters into all of life. The Scriptures alone are to be what sets our standards in life, not our own man made standards. As these Scriptures states:

  • Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
  • Romans 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.
  • Philippians 2:1213… “work out you own Salvation with fear and trembling” …For it is God within which worketh in you both to will and to do of His great pleasure.”
  • Colossians 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. Obedience to God and His Word plays an important role in this life of sanctification and consecration.

We will notice compassion playing an important part of the spirit filled life. We can also see the importance Christ has placed on prayer as a high standard, in the Christian faith. Nothing less than a life of prayer, will bring revival to the life of an individual, in which God expects nothing less than “a living sacrifice”.  

A dying out of self, knowing who God is and who we are in Christ through prayer, a definite standard set by our Lord Christ Jesus. The new-birth is a definite Christian experience inwardly and to be experienced outwardly… always advancing, knowing where we are going. The praying one will not become complacent and will not be part of compromise. God has spoken in the scriptures to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling,” but “it is God who works in us to will and do of his good pleasure.” This will only come to pass to the one who is in much prayer, yes, working out our own salvation.

The praying person will have a life of compassion reaching out in prayer to those in need.

  • Compassion has in it the very quality of mercy which moves the soul with a tenderness of feeling, for others.
  • Compassion moves at the sight of sin, sorrow and suffering.
  • Compassion has sympathy (pity/understanding) for others, is interested in them and concerned about them.

When one sees the helplessness, the massive amount of people in want, distressed without help; it causes compassion to develop within the praying soul. The heart is stirred and prayer becomes more earnest. Jesus was stirred with compassion and met the need of the helpless.

Yes, it is this excitement of compassion that reaches into the very depth of the heart; moved by the sinfulness of sin for humanity and is moved like our Lord was moved, as it is written, “when he saw the multitudes, with their hunger, and various conditions of helplessness he was moved with compassion on them.”

As the message of the Gospel was preached Jesus healed all that came to Him, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. He saw their need and had compassion on them, praying for the multitudes. It is said that compassion may not always move men, but is always moved toward men.

Compassion may not always turn men to God, but it will, and does, turn God to man.

At times prayer may be the only means of help to relieve the needs of others.
All salvation was to come through Jesus Christ, our redeemer…pointing to the cross, resurrection and Eternal Life with Him, for all those who would believe and receive!

As we come to the close of this letter, it is my prayer, that we may see the importance of God’s sanctification process in our life as we continue to consecrate ourselves; that of living a pure and holy life style. As a vessel of honor, one’s life will be an example of both a sanctified and consecrated life style. As we are filled with His Spirit, obedient to His Word, we will become a vessel of compassion, leading the hurting and lost into His Kingdom.

Because of what Christ did on the cross, as believers, we are made the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. As stated in:

  • 2 Corinthians 5:21, “For He (God) made Him (Jesus) to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him”.   

The very thing that appealed to our Lord’s compassionate nature was that the multitudes were as sheep having no shepherd. The purpose of healing was always to bring the people to a saving knowledge of who He was and is today. If only we would have the compassion of Christ, where the hungry would move us and the sight of the sufferings and diseases of the multitudes stirred the very depth of our soul to pray the prayer of deliverance. May this be the very reason for the compassion of our souls, that of bringing the hurting to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Lost souls waiting to be saved. There is an urgency of prayer that is born out of compassion for a perishing humanity.

It is my prayer TODAY, that laborers would come forth that are:

  • God-chosen,
  • God-sent, and
  • God-commissioned.

Where are the souls that are hungry, desiring for a mighty move of God in their lives; that of Acts, the Holy Spirit filling the hungry and ministering the gifts of the Spirit. Yes, souls that moves God, flowing through men and women who are sanctified and consecrated to the very calling that God their Creator has purposed in their life. This is the will of God for every born-again believer.

The harvest is ripe but there is a lack of laborers due to the failure of people not
consecrating themselves, desiring and praying for this might move in their own hearts.
Truly, prayer must be an important part of the church, for the Lord of harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest. People stirred with prayer and compassion for the sinner redeemed in Christ.

If Christ, the one at the Father’s right hand, is filled with such compassion, than we should have the same compassion, for the helpless to move us to pray. It will take earnestly praying the prayer of faith, of mercy and compassion, seeing the ever moving hand of God on the helpless… changed into a people after God’s very heart.

  • As stated in James 5:16 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

As our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, sanctifies us, let us be determined TODAY to consecrate ourselves, to a life of obedience; that of prayer, studying His Word and a life of holiness, becoming the mature Christian that God wants us all to be.
A Changed Life – A NEW CREATION for eternity.

God Bless,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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