Prayer, Promises and Possibilities

In this letter I would like to write on great possibilities of the promises of God; through prayer working together in our lives for the glory of God. For we can say that Prayer and the Promises of God work together. In other words, without the promise, prayer is strange and without foundation. The same goes without prayer; the promise is dim, voiceless and distant. Yes, the promise makes prayer determined with confidence, bold and irresistible.

As the apostle Peter declares that God has given to us “exceeding great and precious promises.” These promises are the very words that will be made operative and efficient by prayer… words which clearly indicate their great value and broad reach, the very grounds upon which to base our expectations in prayer.

As a believer we are to follow the principles of God’s Word and aligning our lives accordingly. In other words, we must have an obedient heart, for when God speaks we must be obedient. God has spoken in His Word, we must be obedient. Now, with that said, the promises are glorious to the believer and the whole church.

  • These promises are to those of a prayerful heart spoken with faith. Prayer is what makes the promise fruitful and a reality. God’s promises cover all things which pertains to life and godliness, which relate to body, soul and spirit, which all have to do with time and eternity.
  • These promises are the very fruit to be plucked by the hand of prayer…to be sown and tilled by prayer.

Again let me say, prayer and the promises are co-dependent. The very key to answered prayer is realizing that the promises inspires and energizes prayer, and that prayer locates the promise, and gives it realization and location.

Prayer that takes hold of these promises until they become personal, blessed, refreshed and fertilized; accomplishing it to its marvelous ends, removes the obstacles and makes a highway for the promise to its fulfillment. God’s promises are clear, to be taken specific and personal.

Prayer is submission to God based on the purpose and promise of God. Prayer is the communication that moves God. In Ezekiel the thirty-sixth chapter we find a promise that is fulfilled by that of prayer, a promise waiting for those that would pray for these “exceeding great and precious promises”…an expectation on the surety of the promise, the Holy Spirit fell upon them and they were all “filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Yes, the promise and the prayer went hand and hand. It was prayer in the upper room that brought to pass the famous day of Pentecost. The “promise of the Father” still holds well for the present day disciples…for mighty, continued and united prayer will do the same today, now.

My challenge for all today is to test the value of prayer. As we look in the past at the records of prayer’s achievements we are encouraged and our faith increased as our expectations of today’s disciples’ rise to the fulfillment of answered prayer. The only limit to prayer is the promises of God and his ability to fulfill those promises. My heart cries out to the unbelief of men that has limited the power of God to work through prayer! Prayer possibilities are unlimited… through prayer, doors are opened for the gospel as stated by the apostles; “Withal praying also for us that God would open to us a door of utterance.”

Prayer for the apostles’ opened doors of utterance, created opportunities and made openings to preach the gospel. The appeal was made by prayer to God, because God was moved by prayer.

Prayer gives power, makes the gospel move swiftly and facilitates the gospel as well. Prayer is that which will reach to all things. Find the promise and you will have the answer…“Whatsoever ye shall ask” or “If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.”

In chapter fifteen of John our Lord seems to connect friendship with prayer for he choose his disciples with a design that through prayer they should bear much fruit. Let’s take a look at:

  • John 15:16, “You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.”

Just as God expected his disciples to pray and bring forth fruit so He has chosen us disciples, followers and believers to bringing forth much fruit through prayer…

Yes, the fruit of our prayers is answered prayer. The KEY to answered prayer is a right relationship with God. When we stay in a right relationship with God, prayer will be heard and prayer will be answered according to His will, His Word.

Yes, the possibilities are there in answered prayer waiting for us to pray the promises in faith. IT IS A PROMISE!

Love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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