God’s Assurance of Eternity

July, 16, 2019, as I sit out in the back yard I see the fast moving clouds and ponder over how God our Father watches over us.

As the Bible states, if we believe in the Son, JESUS CHRIST, and He resides in us we also have the Father (GOD) who resides in us. You can be confident that “if” you believe and recieve Jesus into your heart you also have the Father with you. His Spirit resides in you as a believer and will teach you all things that are true.

As we open our hearts to the very presence of God and allow the Holy Spirit to take full rein in our lives, we will desire more and more of Him and will become obedient to His Word.

God desires a relationship with His creation, but it will ONLY come through the saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus. Again, let me say, when you receive Jesus you receive God in your life and this relationship with God will come through His Son and the Holy Spirit.

How exciting it is to know that we can actually talk to our creator and know He hears us. Through this relationship we can live in a life of perfect peace. Today I rest in peace knowing that no matter what happens in this life I WILL ENJOY AND HAVE ETERNITY WITH GOD, my Heavenly Father and my creator.

It is my prayer that ALL who reads this letter will receive this same peace and assurance in their heart and life. As I am becoming to realize as I am getting older that life is truly just a vapor of time passing, a moment that is here today and gone tomorrow but I truly know in my heart and am at perfect rest and at peace that I will live forever with Christ and my Heavenly Father. WHAT AN AWESOME ASSURANCE to know the PEACE of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit resides in me, guiding me through this life into the life hereafter forever being with them. What an awesome thought to know in my heart and a peace of that goes beyond my own understanding.

YES, THIS PEACE AND ASSURANCE CAN ONLY COME FROM RECEIVING JESUS, GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT into my heart. Thank you Jesus for dying for me and thank you Heavenly Father for sacrificing your Son for me so I could have a relationship with you, God.

Wishing you all a blessed and favorable day. As always, Love in Christ Jesus, Paul

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