The “Blessed Hope”

I have truly enjoyed these past few mornings in my backyard. The weather has been so beautiful and it has been so refreshing as I ponder over the Word of God.

Today’s thought: July, 27, 2019. In 1 Thessalonians chapter 4, Apostle Paul speaks on this “Blessed Hope”, the resurrection/rapture of all believers. This time or event could have happened anytime after Christ’s resurrection even during Paul’s life time or anytime in our future…(past, present or future) and is why we are to be ready at all times. What a great expectation to look forward to…this time of being together with Jesus and His return for all believers, past and present.

It is of the upmost importance to have your mind, heart and soul prepared and ready for this “Blessed Hope” in Christ and through Jesus that all things are prepared for those living the “Christian Walk”.

Not only is it important to have your heart ready at all times expecting the rapture but the day is coming, known as “the day of the Lord”. This will be a period of great judgment on God’s enemies and will begin unexpectedly and quietly, as a thief in the night. This time period will happen suddenly during a time of worldwide concern of peace and security, possibly during a time achieved by a worldwide leader; time applies to “the day of the Lord” and not the “rapture”. Again let me state, the “rapture” can occure at anytime, now or in the future.

We as believers can see this time and season period noted as “the day of the Lord” soon approaching for there is much turmoil all around in this world not seen as times before.

Apostle Paul exhorts, to “watch and be sober”. We should constantly “abide in him” that we would not be “ashamed before him at his coming” ( 1 John 2:28).

Let me conclude this letter by saying, it is of the upmost importance to live our lives honoring God; with our whole spirit, soul and body. Faith in and through Christ Jesus will keep us living this holy lifestyle; for only in him and through him can we attain eternal life.

As always, love in Christ Jesus, Paul Lundmark.

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