An Added Thought for This Afternoon

After I had written and posted this mornings thought, I could not stop thinking about God’s mercy and grace for us and towards us.

Someone once said to me that it was hard, a struggle, work in being a Christian. As I though about my letter this morning, the New Covenant and what it contains, I began to realize that too many “christians” are trying to do the “christian walk”, by the law; trying to do good, be good, live right through works.

Jesus came to set us free from the law, the law of sin and death, an eternity without Him. When we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our life, we are to live in Him; His Spirit will guide and direct us into all truth. Simply put, the old nature will always be there, but we are to put on this new nature that comes in knowing Christ. We will have to make choices everyday, to live in His righteousness…we will have new desires for right living.

Remember, we are in this world but not to be of this world. Yes, we do have to make choices to live holy and pure unto God. This is not work “if” we love the Lord with all your heart, which includes our mind, emotions thoughts, spirit, soul and body.

“Christian living” becomes work when we allow the cares of life (WORRY), the lust (pleasures) of the flesh, the do’s and dont’s from the law to control us or I will go as far as to say to even be part of us. We are to set our mind on the good, that which is of good report, pure and holy; for our Heavenly Father is pure and Holy, and if we love our Father we will want to please Him.

When we allow our mind to dwell on carnal things the old nature will take root or rule but if we guard our mind (our heart) and think on only that which is of good report, lovely, pure and holy we will live in the very righteousness of Christ Jesus. Then “christian living” will truly become a “lifestyle” of who you are, whom God now calls you “His child”.

Just a reminder, the law was made to bring out the sin and iniquities and trespasses of mankind. The law is there so we would not trespass, in other words; so we would not commit an offense against someone or a set of rules. It was and is impossible to live by the law so in God’s mercy and grace He gave us a new plan, a New Covenant not written in stone (tablet) but written on the very hearts of man.

Today, as a “christian/ born-again” believer; God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit will dwell in our hearts, yes, take up residence in and though our mind, body and soul. We will have a desire to do what is right in the sight of God. We will always have free will but through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the believer, we will have convictions or you might say be convicted of that which is not holy, pure or of right standing.

This is where you might say the rubber meets the road. You will have to make that choice. Again let me say, Christ in us gives us a new mind, spirit and heart to live for Him in all righteousness.

As a believer we do make that choice not to return to unrighteousness; which will include staying away from anything which can cause your mind, thoughts or heart to distracted away from a holy and pure God.

As the scripture state; “we are to be Holy as God is Holy”. Holy living makes up our whole body; that of our mind, thoughts, emotions, our spirit, our heart and ultimately our soul, which is what will be judged by the righteous judge.

In Him, in Christ we are to live, move and have our being. With the help of the Holy Spirit; who will teach us all things that which is right, guide us into all truth and lead us unto/ into all righteousnes. Yes, as a “christian” our life is set on a new path with a new mindset.

How good to know that we are headed for an eternity with Christ and our Heavenly Father…someday with a new body, an immortal body, soul and spirit as of Christ to be with Him forever, our everlasting Redeemer and Savior. Praise and glory be to God and my Savior Christ Jesus.

Well, intil later, As always,

Love in Christ Jesus, Paul Lundmark

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