Mr. Wonderful

An afternoon thought…now and than people will ask me what I think about this Minister or that Preacher and how “wonderful” and exciting things that were happening in their meetings. They even go after Mr. “Wonderful” looking for a “word” from them or some signs and wonders.

Here is the way I look at all this. Yes, God does work through the believer with various gifts but no where do I see that we should go seeking after a “word” or signs and wonders from someone.

God gave to the believer His Son, Jesus to believe and receive. Today, through faith in Christ Jesus, we have God the Father; Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit residing in us. We also have His written Word to read in which becomes the “rehma” Word, alive and active to whom will believe and receive.

With all that said, there is no need to go after, seek here and there, for a “new word” for and in our lives. With Christ in us and the Holy Spirit as our guide into all truth, all that is needed for today is to ask, yield and surrender our total body, soul and spirit to His working.

Read the Word, believe the Word…for we have Mr. Wonderful within us as our “fresh Word” and God’s Word is active and alive. Go to Him with faith, spend time in His Word, prayer works!

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