The Prayer of Confession…

It truly is another beautiful morning as I read His Word. As I come to Psalm 51, I find this chapter to be a great example of confession and forgiveness of sin in one’s life.

Psalm 51 tells of David’s repentance and his plea for cleansing, you can also read in Psalm 32 of his joy after God forgave him.

Confession and forgiveness must be from the heart and always directed to God; and a willingness to completely turn from the sin.

In summary he pleads for repentance;

…”have mercy upon me”. He acknowledges  his sin and iniquities.

…”wash me throughly from mine iniquities”.

We all have inherited sin from Adam and Eve. From this we conceived that all have sinned and come short of God. For this reason we come to God for Salvation through His Son Jesus, and the very blood that was spilled on Calvery that day has washed the sinner clean of all sinn; when he comes with a repentant mind, heart and soul and ask for Christ Jesus to be his Savior and Lord. GOD IS MERCIFUL!

Once again we will able to hear from God and know His joy and gladness.

…”I have sinned, and done this evil in thy sight” Every sin is against God and His holy plan for one’s life. Here he realizes he has sinned against God and the one’s whom he transgressed.

Only God can create, including the greatest miracle of regeneration of the spirit bringing the believer into a new life, “a new creation”.

Since the death, burial and resurrection of Christ we are promised the Holy Spirit indwelling in His believers to be with the believer for eternity. Previosly the Holy Spirit was given only to certain people at certain times. How excellent is this New Covenant, we are truly living in perilous times but yet the greatest of times with the indwelling of His Spirit to whom all will receive; leading guiding the believer into all truth.

Through sin the believer can lose the joy of their salvation. Truly, repentance of sin is a must for the believer and one that has sinned can receive forgiveness of their sin when repentance is brought to God from their heart.

I am thankful the joy of my salvation!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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