Knowledge and Wisdom

Good morning to all again from my backyard enjoying the early morning breeze. As my thoughts go to the book of Proverbs I see so much knowledge and wisdom we can learn from these scriptures.

Oh if man would just read and apply this knowledge and wisdom in their own life truly our world on earth would be different.

The knowledge and wisdom from God’s Word must start with each of us, individully, being a doer, reading, obeying and applying the things of Godliness into our lives, yes our lifestyle. So I might say, may it start with me. May those around me see Jesus in me. One person at a time.

Proverbs 14:34 states, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”.

I truly believe America uniquely has been blessed through the years because of our spiritual convictions and motivation of so many of its founders and pioneers that blazed the way…there truly has become a moral decline in America’s spiritual values and the religous concern and apostasy for following Godly ways will be the destruction of any people and any nation including America.

My heart and soul cries out for our nation to once again seek God and His righteousness; for may it began with you, me…one person at a time…righteousness is the way to God’s heart, His blessings and favor for us individually and as a nation.

May it again be said, IN GOD WE TRUST, I trust it is with you!

May God bless you this day and His favor in your life become an example of whose you are and who you are; a child of the most high God.

As always, live in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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