Seasons of our Life

This morning my thoughts go to the various seasons we have ; spring, summer, fall and winter. They all have a reason and purpose.

So are there seasons in our own lives. Consider early spring as a time of planting new seeds and watching as the trees sprout out with new branches, leaves come forth and plants began to grow. Than summer comes in with the warmth of the sun and full bloom of the flowers and plants, trees are in full bloom with their beauty. As fall begins we enter another change of  season with the falling of leaves and the dying of old growth preparing for the winter time of resting for that season.

So I look at our earthly life. We start out in life as a baby, dependent on our parents to get us through childhood. As a child we give no thought of tomorrow for we are dependent and enjoying the nurturing that comes from our parents.

As we become teenagers we are beginning to want the freedom of making our own choices but still need the guidance of our parents for we are still in the growing season of our life. As we begin to branch out on our own, going to college and looking into our future on our own. It is as though we can do anything, blossom out into our full potential as we began to grow in various areas of maturity, with our own families, with our own children.

As we approach the fall of our lives, the children in our family begin to grow and branch out into their own cycle of life. Now the winter time or you might say the resting time of our lives began to unvail.

During this season of our life, the resting, (winter season of life) we have grown into a full matured adult. The outward appearance may not have the appearance and look as our seasons of spring, summer and fall for we may seem and look as though we have completed and ended our last season…

…but I have good news; their comes out of the full grown, matured growth of the plant, tree, etc., a solid, strong growth with roots embedded with depth and growth for new branches to grow strong and blossom.

Yes, in every season of our life comes wisdom and knowledge in which we are to pass on to those behind us.

Now, with all that said, the Bible states in Proverb 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not departed from it”.

It is vital as a parent to be the example and live as an example of a matured Godly person. We in ourselves will not and cannot raise our children in a Godly manner without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in our own personal life.

God gave us His Son so we can live a life of maturity in Him. Our outward man perish but our inward man is to be renewed day by day. Yes, we are to be dependent on Christ and His finished work. As a believer Our Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is in us to lead, guide and direct us into all truth. This truth will lead us into the maturity and growth as a follower of Christ Jesus and will take us through this life and into eternity with our Savior and Redeemer.

We as believers are to live, move and have our being in Christ Jesus and in Him is ALL THE FULLNESS of God our Father. We are to live and be the example for the next generation to follow.

We as genuine true followers of Christ Jesus will see the growth and maturity in our children and in this generation, as we follow Christ and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is my prayer that THIS generation will see and desire what the former generations has had, seen and grown in, the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus. I truly believe that as we individually follow and walk in the Spirit of God, our children and this generation will began to grow into the fullness of Christ, as they have their own encounters with Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their own lives.

As Apostle Paul states, we are to be mature Christians walking in the meat of the Word of God and not as babes still being fed on milk.

There is a time and season for all things. Let’s begin today to grow in the Lord, to pray, read, obey and apply His Word daily, for this is a daily walk, as we grow in and to the maturity of what God has intended for all mankind. He is wanting, desiring a relationship with you and me.

WE ARE THE EXAMPLE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION! We cannot fail, when we STAY IN and WALK IN the power of the Holy Spirit. Our dependency is in Christ Jesus and Him alone.

As always,

Love in Christ Jesus, Paul Lundmark

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