Genuine, True Faith

What a beautiful refreshing morning, with a bit of rain and now sunshine and birds making music to the early morning sun. When we take a moment and smell the roses sort of speak, we can see the beauty in His creation in which He has allowed us to enjoy. The perfection of God’s creation in all it’s beauty.

Now on to today’s thought from the Word of God. In James 2, we read about salvation, faith and keeping the law. Here we see that no one could ever be justified (made right, in right standing) by God, for no one was ever able to be saved by the law because no one could and can ever keep the law perfectly.

This is why salvation can only come through Jesus Christ, who had no sin but yet took on sin (was made sin) on the cross, through dying on the cross and His glorious resurrection as a risen Savior and Redeemer. Yes, by His sacrifice and His shed blood our sins are washed away. This was the only way God and man could be reconciled.

The scriptures as stated in 2 Corinthians 5, makes it very clear on this subject of reconciliation. God is the author, Christ is the agent, and we are the ambassadors of reconciliation.

Let me say it this way; we all are born into sin and we are all rebellious before we come into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Yes, we were rebels, disobedient, against Godly ways. Before rebels can be saved they must lay down their arms, surrender, just as we are to surrender and submit to the authority of Christ Jesus.

In like manner, you might say, we all must carry our own cross in that we all must lay down our (arms) our own selfish ways, ideologies and accept for ourselves God’s plan of salvation and be made justified by grace and faith in our risen Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the one and only way to be made right in God’s sight.

We are justified, made “righteous” through this one event in history; but it will take each of us, individually, going to God with a repentant heart, believing in His Son, Jesus, as my Lord, my Savior and my Redeemer.

With this one event, the Holy Spirit has sealed the believer with a promise of eternal life with our Creator, Lord and Savior.

James makes it very clear; that we cannot be saved by the law and or good works. One unforgiven sin is enough for condemnation. It is good to know that God has made a perfect plan for salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. How excellent and perfect is His way. We are justified by grace and by faith in knowing, believing and accepting Him (Jesus) into our heart, our life. Then and only then can we be saved, and by Him and only Him can we be redeemed.

James continues to say we have liberty (freedom) in Christ which is the Christian law of love. We all have some type of faith but our faith if in Christ must sooner or later show proof of our salvation and that is where works come in. Genuine faith in Christ for salvation will ultimately produce works and demonstrate the reality of our faith, true faith.

As an added note; James never says that works produce faith nor does faith plus good works can save, but the reality is good works will always accompany true saving faith. This is what is meant by “faith without works is dead”.

There will become times in the Christian walk that we will demostrate our faith. It is and will be part of the born-again experience as a believer and as a “Christian”.

So James ends chaper 2 by making this statement, ” For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead”.

To sum it all up; as a Spirit filled, born-again believer, our faith in Christ will be demonstrated by our works. Our deeds and actions will validate our faith.

To make this perfectly clear, our works, deeds and action will never come first: there must first be a saving knowledge of Christ made personally in your, in our heart, then the validation or reality of your faith will always show the love of Christ in your works, deed and actions.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark.

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