Seed Sown, (Planted), and Nurtured Will Yield Good Fruit.

This morning seeing the sun rise takes me to God’s Word. As the sun arises we prepare for another day. The sun brings a stirring or you might say a growth of a beautiful day.

Without the SUN and water there would be no new growth. Just as without the SON and the Holy Spirit there will be no Spiritual growth in our inner man, our hearts and souls. As I read in Mark 4, Jesus was teaching to a multitude of people gathered along the sea shore.

Here is one of many parables He taught. Jesus spoke in this parable as that of a gardener (farmer) who plants (sow) seed and the growth of the seed. The sower is the farmer (gardener) the one who would share the Gospel (the Word of God) and the seed as the Gospel (the Word of God).

When the Gospel (the Word of God) is sown or presented, Satan will try to take away the seed of the Word of God that was planted.

Jesus spoke of four different soils (or you might say four different types of hearers and how they responded to the Word.

1. These are they when the seed (the Word) was sown, but was spread without preparation or you might say here and there by the way side, but when heard, Satan comes imediately and takes away the Word which was sown in their hearts.

2. These are those to whom the Word was shared, you might say on stony, rocky ground,  but it took no deep roots because there was no depth and when the afflections and persecutions of Satan arose for the Gospel sake they were offended

3. These are they which are hearers of the Word sown among thorns. The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and lusts of other things enter in which chokes the Word and it becomes unfruitful.

4. These are those where the seed (the Word) was sown on good ground, prepared soil, and heard and received it, bringing forth fruit in return.

As we hear the Word of God being shared and receive the Word into our hearts we must water the seed (prepare the soil) (the Word heard). The growth and maturity of the seed planted will take time just as the Word spoken and received needs watering, nurturing from the soil of God’s Word.

As we read the Word (the Bible) and pray; you might say, the watering of the Holy Spirit and the (Sun) SON of God, Christ Jesus, is shining and nurturing the seed heard and received in our hearts, taking root and growing into the maturity of a “Christian” a true follower of Christ and what God has planed for you as an individual.

Let’s open our hearts and receive the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to water the seed of the Gospel in us and allow the (sun) SON of God to shine in us and through us His light so shine on the darkness of this world.

May the seed of God’s Word take deep roots within you and grow to bare much fruit!

May God bless you this day!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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