Living for TODAY

Today as I look out on the quietness of this morning, my thoughts go to the peace and rest that comes from having Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Today is a new day, a fresh start to live, you might say. Make the best of this day for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet. For all I/we have is THIS DAY.

Our help comes from the Lord. May I encourage you TODAY to look to the Lord for all your needs. As we place our trust in our Creator and follow His guidance we can be assured He will watch over us.

So as I start this NEW DAY, I start it with praise and a thankful heart; for His love towards me and my love towards Him. I am thankful for this day and what I have.

Yes, there is so much to be thankful for. I am grateful for family, friends and content with the things I have. I am looking forward to what THIS DAY will bring.

Let’s begin to live each day as a fresh NEW DAY, expecting and anticipating the power of the Holy Spirit within us as a believer to bring light into the dark places of THIS DAY.

Yes, Christ in us flowing through us can and will brighten the day and make it anew for thoses around.

“This is THE DAY that the Lord hath made, I will REJOICE and BE GLAD in it”.

The joy of the Lord IS MY STRENGTH. In Him I WILL TRUST!

As I go forth in THIS DAY may it become as a fresh NEW DAY, for TODAY is the ONLY DAY I am guaranteed.

I will give praise and worship my God in this day as though it is my last day; for tomorrow is the very meaning of eternity for my soul.

I will enjoy TODAY, whether it be in work, relaxation or taking care of the necessities of my daily living; with families and friends. God has given me THIS DAY for His purpose .

May I live THIS DAY with the light of Christ and the guide of the Holy Spirit leading me to those who are hurting and in need of a Savior.

May the world see Christ in me the Hope of Glory and may I always be prepared and ready to give an answer of the light in me, as long as it is called TODAY.

Walking in/with Christ is to be a walk for TODAY. A DAY by DAY, or you might say, a DAILY walk.

Today is the day, now is the time for a fresh start, a new start, a NEW DAY!

This is the true meaning of walking DAILY with Christ. As we arise to a new day may it be as a fresh new start, yes just as it is a fresh new day. It may be your last day here on earth and your next day into eternity.

Live today as though it is your last day and as though tomorrow being eternity…for our final day is just one breath away from eternity…HEAVEN or HELL.

“If” we live for Christ TODAY, we can be assured of eternity in Heaven, with Christ TOMORROW!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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