My Confession/ Our Confession of Faith

What a sunny, calm morning. This morning reminds me of the calmness, the peace that comes from knowing Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

As I think about Christ and His title as Lord of lords, King of kings, I am reminded in the scriptures of what this means and truly is for the believer. Why is Christ Jesus such of importance to me? Here lies my thought on this subject of Jesus as an overcomer.

Simply put, Jesus truly overcame the world and overcame Satan and his deceiving ways through the Word of God.

In like manner we are overcomers when we become born again as stated in 1 John chapter 5. “Who is he that overcometh the world but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?”

This “faith” upon which the church is built is none other than the confession that of Jesus, “the Christ, the Son of the living God, Jesus”. This faith that overcomes the world is the same faith that believes Jesus is truly the Son of God.

Just as Jesus overcame the world, Satan and his ways, worldly things; so do we with our faith with Christ in us and we in Him. This confession of faith by Christ is the same confession we confess as a believer.

As a believer my/ our desires change;

  • we began to follow Godly ways,
  • we desire to live a holy and pure life,
  • we don’t talk the same as the world,
  • we don’t participate in ungodly, impure and in unholy manners,
  • we don’t desire the samethings of the world,
  • we don’t go to the same places as the world,
  • We don’t walk the same way as the world and
  • yes, we won’t live the same way as the world.

As and overcomer we are in this world but we are not partakers of the worldly ways, that of the god of this world, Satan and his sinful ways.

Being in Christ we are a New Creature, a New Man, our hearts are changed from the inside out. CHRIST Jesus becomes part of us for His Spirit resides in us and the Holy Spirit is leading, guiding us into all truth, the very truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the life of God, a life of holiness and purity.

Yes, as we stay in the faith, our faith, our belief stays strong through our daily prayer to our Heavenly Father, God, and by reading and studying the Bible, His Word. Personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the key in living our life here on earth.

As we live in Him we move in Him and our very being overcomes the wiles of Satan. When we stay in Christ, Satan cannot trick us and we will not be partakers of his devious ways and plans.

Yes, just as Christ has overcome the world so are we as followers and believers in Christ Jesus. The faith that is Him is in us as we believe, trust and look to Him and follow the guidance of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit in all we do. Satan will have no way in us as a true believer and follower of Christ.

Be blessed as you live your life in Him, in Christ Jesus!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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