The Beauty of His Creation

This morning as I watch the dawn of another day arise, my thoughts go to yesterday as Gleneva and I went for an afternoon motorcycle ride. It was a beautiful ride through the country side and along the river.

As we were enjoying the open air my thoughts and mind drifted off praising my Heavenly Father for such beauty in all His creation; the trees, the grass and such beautiful landscape with a variety of bushes and flowers.

For a moment it was as though God spoke to me in my spirit, “earth is just a glimpse of the beauty of heaven. No man can describe the beauty of heaven and what I have waiting for you”.

Yes, I am anticipating heaven and will continue to prepare my heart and soul for the coming of the Lord. He has promised to come back for His saints, born again believers. Until than we must keep occupied in His Kingdom work, that of keeping our relationship built up in Christ and the things of God and sharing His Gospel plan of Salvation.

We are to live as though Christ is comimg back, today. No man knows the day or hour but we will know the season, and all signs point to Christs’ return at anytime, for the season is upon us.

Let me encourage all to live your life with the love of Christ, in Christ.

When we share love in all we do we will be sharing the love of God. Yes we are to be sharing life together and in the knowledge of Christ Jesus. Maintaining our relationship with God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit should be our priority until Jesus Christ returns or until death do us part and ultimately heaven, eternity.

In other words, we were born to serve God here on earth and the life after, in eternity. Keep in the faith! When we are in Christ and Christ in us we have become as a new creation. Old things have past away and all things have become new. Yes, He is mine and I am His!

Don’t miss being with God now and the hereafter. Jesus died and resurrected as our Redeemer and Savior, that we may have a living life, forever with Him, but it all points to how we build our relationship with Him as our Lord, Savior and friend, today.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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