God’s Word is LIFE

Another morning enjoying the outside. As I enjoy the brisk early morning breeze my thoughts go to my favorite chapter in the Bible, Psalms 119. It is the longest chapter in the Bible composing of 176 verses.

Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

The thought of this ONE scripture truly brightens my heart and soul evertime I read it. The Word is never dark, it will always bring light in ever situation. It will continue to brighten my walk through this life and into eternity. My future is bright and so is yours as long as we have the Word with us, living in us guiding us into all truth.

There is so much a person can take from this chapter. This chapter you might say comes from a lifelong experience of the writer and the power of the Word, transforming us, cleansing us from our youth to old age. The Word of God has become His testimony for all to see. God’s Word is truly, alive and active to the believer. As I read the scriptures they become food for my soul.

“If” applied in our daily walk, God’s Word becomes alive and active.

At times the Word (the Scriptures) become such alive they are as though Jesus Himself in the very reality of the Scriptures. I believe we can digest the Scriptures as we read, if we would just believe, recieve and apply His Word into our thoughts, mind, heart and soul. Yes, a changed heart…in mind, body and spirit. Truly a new creature, or you might say, a new creation in Christ Jesus.

The Word of God WILL make us into a Living Epistle to be read as the very working of Christ in us; the Holy Spirit alive and active working in us and through us the very will of God.  In other words, when others look at you they can and will see only Jesus.

The beginning of this whole Psalm promises (blessings) to those who study, believe and obey the Word of God

When the believer looks into God’s Word and take it for Himself as THE LIVING WORD, it shall be “according to thy word”. Throughout the Bible we can find a great amount of resources to help us through life.

To the believer, as stated in Psalms 119…God’s Word is:

  • Strengthening (119:28)
  • Quickening (119:59)
  • Everlasting (119:89)
  • Sweetening (119:103)
  • Guiding (119:105)
  • Protecting (119:114)
  • Enlightening (119:130)
  • Purifying (119:149)
  • Truth-telling (119:160)
God’s Word is so much more than the above list found in chapter 119.  Listed above are just a few, you might say, gold nuggets, to take to heart from Psalms 119 in God’s Word.

Psalm 119 is broken down into 22 stanzas. Here listed are possible themes taken from the various verses.

  1. Conviction (119:1-8)
  2. Regeneration (119:9-16)
  3. Nurture (119:17-24)
  4. Confession (119:25-32)
  5. Restoration (119:33-40)
  6. Testimony (119:41-48)
  7. Comfort (119:49-56)
  8. Fellowship (119:57-64)
  9. Chastisement (119:65-72)
  10. Submission (119:73-80)
  11. Persecution (119:81-88)
  12. Sovereignty (119:89-96)
  13. Understanding (119:97-104)
  14. Guidance (119:105-112)
  15. Protection 119:113-120)
  16. Obedience (119:121-128)
  17. Victory (119:129-136)
  18. Truth (119:137-144)
  19. Trust (119:145-152)
  20. Deliverance (119:153-160
  21. Peace (119:(161-168)
  22. Salvation (119:169-176)

As stated in Psalm 119:35,47,77,92,143, and 174; the Word of God and its commands are never a burden, but are a delight to every born again, believer. God’s Word brings freedom from the bondage of Satan’s snares and His deceiving ways to all that believes, follows, obeys and applies His Word in their everyday living.

God’s Word is the ONLY Word to live by in this world and in the world beyond, for eternity. You can put your trust and confidence in the Living Word of God for all that is needed in this life.

His Word (the Bible) is the same yesterday, today and forever; never changing but yet always alive and active to one that will believe. We are to live, move and have our being in Christ, the Living Word.

Be Blessed as you read His Word, the Living Word. Began to ask for Understanding, Seek for His Wisdom and as you Knock the door will be opened. Prayer and His Word will keep your relationship with God fresh and new daily.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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