Praise in Prayer Ushers in the Presence of God

As the morning dawn rises through the night clouds, a new day begins to brake forth and my thoughts go to yesterday. Yesterday morning my thoughts were on prayer and being thankful.  This morning as I begin this day my thoughts go to prayer and giving God praise.

True prayer comes from a thankful and praiseful heart. Praise comes from our innermost being; from the heart and soul of man.

You might say, praise is the worship we give God through the prayer of praise; from a thankful and grateful heart.

When the spirit of worship; true praise is brought back into the heart and soul of man and into the house of God (churches), I believe God’s glory will once again be in our midst…His very cloud (presence) in our midst…to heal, to deliver and set free the captives.

Again, let me say, the spirit of prayer and true praise go hand and hand…

The spirit of prayer is that of bringing the desire of the heart out, with that of praise and thanksgiving. God created man to praise Him…in spirit and in truth…from the heart and very soul of man.

In Philippians prayer is called “requests.” So prayer is asking for gifts but it must be accompanied by thanksgiving and praise. Truly, prayer is that of praise and thanksgiving, being thankful for answered prayer. God looks at the heart and intentions of man.

The promises of God (His Word) is for today, answered prayer is in the waiting … asking (that of requests being made)…with a praise of thanksgiving, from a heart of gratitude of which He has already done and about to do according to His Word.

In the ONE paragraph below, I will lay forth the thoughts of my heart, on praise and thanksgiving, as I think of the blessings and goodness of my Heavenly Father, God. I will forever be thankful and praise will continually come forth out of my mouth…true worship of praise and thanksgiving from the bottom of my heart…

  • Yesterday, I did praise you as the Almighty God of my life;
  • Today, even now, my praises go up to you, Heavenly Father; for what you have done for me, yesterday.
  • Tomorrow, I will give you praises; and worship you for what you have done, today.
  • Forever, will I praise thee and forever out of the abundance of my heart will come thanksgiving and praises;
  • For you God, alone, are worthy of my praises. I am thankful for for your grace, mercy and continual love.
  • This is and will be my prayer today, tomorrow and for eternity! In you I place my complete trust, My Lord and My Savior and yes, My Redeemer!

    As always, love in Christ Jesus,

    Paul Lundmark

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