Out of Trouble Comes Prayer

Over the past couple of mornings my thoughts have been on the Prayer of Thankfulness and giving God Praise in our time of Prayer.

This morning my thoughts go again to Prayer in times of trouble. Trouble is related to prayer in that it often times drives men to prayer. Many times prayer is the voice of men in trouble.

Prayer is often the very thing that delivers man out of trouble and many times gives him strength to go through the trouble.

Remember this, no trouble in the life of a believer comes without the permission of God and is allowed to exist under God’s divine control with God’s hand on it or in it.

Prayer is that which helps us when in trouble…for trouble has no power in itself to interfere with the relationship of a (true believer) saint of God. Job is truly an example of a troubled saint, yet God had His hand on it.

I have often said, we will all go through things in life to make us into a better person or another way to look at it is to refine us into a vessel of honor for the Master’s use.

There are three words which you could say, are in the process of divine discipline of every believer. These words are practically the same yet different from each other; trial, temptation, and trouble. Let’s take a look at these words.

1. Trial – is that of testing. It is that which proves us, tests us, and makes us stronger and better when we submit to the trial and work together with God in it.

2. Temptation –is a solicitation to evil, arising from the devil or born in the carnal nature of man.

3. Trouble –is that which covers all the painful, sorrowing, and grievous events of life. Yet, temptations and trials can become troubles. The very key to victory in these times is to submit patiently to God knowing that He is working a gracious work within us and that through prayer, with thanksgiving and praise, we work together with God.

Remember, Jesus himself said to the disciples, “I will not leave you comfortless.”

In the time of trouble, prayer is the ideal thing to do. Prayer sees the very hand of God in times of trouble.

Trouble belongs to the Lord…the very thing to do is take your trouble to the Lord through prayer; seeking God’s grace, patience and submission.

When trouble strikes, it is a good time to ask, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?”

Prayer in the time of trouble brings comfort, help, hope, and blessings, and while not always removing the trouble enables the believer to better bear it and submit to the will of God. But, I do believe God works everthing out for the good to those who loves Him.

Prayer in trouble drives away unbelief, opens the eyes to see God’s hand, saves from doubt and delivers from vain and foolish questions because of our painful experiences.

Yes, taking everything to God in prayer makes us better, wiser, and much easier to bear life’s troubles.

Let me say, some troubles may be self-originated, arising from our ignorance, some come from our carelessness. These are yet subject to prayer and should drive us to prayer. On the same note, troubles in most cases are human in their origin. They originate with others and we are the sufferers.

We are living in a world where often the innocent suffer the consequences of the acts of others. Again, we should carry our hurts and our wrongs caused by the acts of others, to God in prayer. Read about Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:23-33 of all his troubles which arose from wicked and unreasonable men.

No matter where the sources from which trouble originate, God is interested when they press and bruise us. It is necessary to take them to God in prayer in seeking to receive the greatest spiritual benefit.

Yes, trouble will run its course in a life of prayerlessness or unbelief, or possibly both. In times of trouble, one will either run to God for comfort or away from God into the way of destruction.

Trouble can be a blessing or curse, it either softens or hardens us, it either drives us to prayer and to God or it drives us from God and from the closet of prayer.

Truly trouble can harden a heart (example-Pharaoh) and drive him away from God, for this is why one must realize that prayer is the very tool that is provided by God to receive comfort and answers from God.

  • Prayer is the very key that brings the spirit into perfect subjection to the will of God.

  • Prayer puts us at a place allowing God to freely work with us and in us, removing anything in the way of trouble bringing to us the highest and greatest good; yes, accomplishing its mission in us, with us and for us.

  • Satan is scheming to break down mankind, to make God look foolish and cause man to curse God…but these truly are the times to recognize God in prayer and come out a victor.

    Never, never, forget…God is in all your troubles and as a believer we can be assured God is watching over us as stated in Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    Keep in mind, God is able to do abundantly more than you could ever ask or think; if only you be patient, submissive and prayerful during and in theses times of trouble.

    God is faithful to the faithful. In Him (in Christ) we live, move and have our being. If only you be patient, submissive and prayerful during and in theses times of trouble.

    Until later, may God’s blessings and favor be with you.

    As always, Love in Christ Jesus,
    Paul Lundmark

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