God Sanctifies and We Consecrate Ourselves

Yesterday my thoughts were on, What makes a changed person? Let me continue this morning somewhat on this theme but with a slight different perspective to God’s part of our Salvation, Sanctification and our part, Consecration.

God’s part of our Salvation, Sanctification, is setting aside the  believer unto righteousness and holiness. God will sanctify (cleanse and make holy) set apart the one who dedicate their thoughts, mind and heart to Jesus.

Let me prfix the next statement with this thought; sanctification is truly God’s part in cleansing the heart, mind and thoughts but at the sane time we must consecrate ourselves unto God with all our heart, total surrender, yielding to the Holy Spirit’s work inside us.

As God Sanctifies the new believer, there becomes a desire for the believer to Consecrate themselves unto God with prayer and God’s Word. In doing so we are setting ourselves apart from the worldly ways and lifestyles and opening our hearts to God’s righteousness.

Yes, God does sanctify us through the blood of His Son, Jesus, and unto His righteousness, setting us aside for His service and His ways. He gives us a new heart and new desires to serve Him as our Lord and Savior.

A lifestyle as a “Christian” must consist that of a life of Consecration, setting ourselves apart from the world.

Again, let me express, prayer is closely connected with consecration. In fact, prayer is a direct result to consecration in that we are drawn to prayer (praise and worship).

In today’s circle of Christian service, there is truly a lack of consecration, resulting from a lack of dedicated prayer and reading God’s Word.

Consecration is much more than a life of so-called service. Today in the church realm there is much superficial/outward service but where is the inward life, the life of personal holiness stemming from the prayer closet…a brokenness, bringing spiritual power into the heart of the inner man.

Salvation is redemption by God the Redeemer. Salvation is truly God’s grace on all mankind. When we become born again we have been redeemed by God for His purpose. It is through salvation that we are saved and sanctified, set apart. The sanctified life is God’s part in the process of being made holy on the inside resulting in a changed life-style.

You can say, God Sanctifies us inside, gives us a new heart, setting us apart as a peculiar people but in like manner, God also is calling His people to consecrate themselves that is setting apart their whole body: mind, spirit and soul to the worship and service of God.

You may ask, what is the difference between Sanctification and Consecration? I’m glad you asked. Both are just as important in our relationships with God and man.

• Sanctification is the divine side (God’s part) of holiness, the act of the continual working of the Holy Spirit in the heart, making it clean, manifesting the fruit of the Spirit and Gifts of the Spirit. God is with His people in exile and suffering. He knows our fears, speaks words of comfort, and promises to help. We call this process sanctification.

Sanctification is God’s part in setting one’s self aside for holy use. Jesus prayed that the Father would separate His disciples from worldliness and dedicate and equip them for His service. Disciples are equipped for God’s work through the sanctification of Christ in the believer and His work done through the cross of Calvery. His blood shed for the washing away of our sins so we can have a right relationship with the Father.

Let me clarify, it is our faith and belief in the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His complete work and the Word of God that will keep us, but you might say it is our consecration that will maintain us through this life and into the next, eternity.

Psalm 119:142 NLT Your justice is eternal, and your law is perfectly true.

God’s Word, both living and written, is the chief means through which He sanctifies us.

Consecration is the human side (our part) of holiness. Consecration is that of setting apart one’s self to God; a separation from worldly, secular and even legitimate things; if they come in conflict with God’s plan. The consecrated servant must be a life of total/fully consecration to God, not a partial consecrated life…not a half-hearted service to God.

God demands involvement of our whole being, of all we have and all that we are. Only through prayer can we achieve this human side of consecration which in turns draws us into a life of consecration…a setting of one’s self apart fully to God’s work.

Yes, prayer is the very thing that puts man in reach of God … giving all to God receiving all from God, claiming all that God has for him from His Word.

The consecrated person seeks after holiness of heart.

  • The consecrated person is to live a holy life…a life flowing from a heart cleansed from all sin. This is the very thing to keep in mind, to watch and pray and be alert in using all means of grace.
  • The consecrated person is to live a holy life…a life flowing from a heart cleansed from all sin. This is the very thing to keep in mind, to watch and pray and be alert in using all means of grace.

Yes, a person after God’s own heart.

  • It takes prayer to bring one into such a consecrated life of holiness to the Lord.
  • It takes prayer to maintain this life of holiness.

A consecrated life is a life of prayer that brings forth a joyful heart, satisfaction of the soul, and contentment of the spirit. God will keep the person in perfect peace whose mind is on the Lord.

Praying ones, are after the very deepest form of the grace of God, that of being saved from all sin; both inward and outward.

Prayer is what sets the standard of a religious (Christian) life, so vital, so far reaching, that it enters into all religion, into all of life.

Clearly, the Scriptures alone are to be what sets our standards in life, not our own man made standards.

As the Scriptures states in Philippians 2:1213… “work out you own Salvation with fear and trembling”. For it is God within which worketh in you both to do to will and to do of His great pleasure.”

It is time we as a people take religion (Christian) seriously. There is no place for compromising in heaven. And no place for compromising here on earth for the born-again believer.

A compromising religion appeals only to the flesh and blood. Where is self-denial, where is cross bearing, and where is self-crucifixion (that of daily dying out to self the carnal nature).

Christ has placed a high standard in the Christian faith that of Prayer. Nothing less than a life of prayer will bring revival to the life of an individual. God expects nothing less than “a living sacrifice”. A dying out of self, knowing who God is and who we are in Christ through prayer, a definite standard set by our Lord Christ Jesus.

The new-birth is a definite Christian experience inwardly and to be experienced outwardly… always advancing knowing where we are going. The praying one will not become complacent and will not be part of compromise.

Let me encourage you if you have not set a time of prayer alone with you and God to do so. Let’s start Today setting time alone with God. Time spent alone with the Lord WILL make a difference in getting to know the Lord and answered prayer.

God has spoken in the scriptures to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling,” but “it is God who works in us to will and do of his good pleasure.” This will only come to pass to the one who is in much prayer.

Consecration is the process we all need to follow in getting to know our Lord better and receive the answers we have asked for.

Yes, pray and His Word will work good things in us!

As always, Love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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