This morning I will finish my thoughts from the last couple of days. I will complete my thought today, with this one word, COMPASSION.

Jesus had compassion for the hurting and the lost and we too should have compassion. Let’s look into the necessity of a compassionate heart.

  • Compassion has in it the very quality of mercy which moves the soul with a tenderness of feeling for others.
  • Compassion moves at the sight of sin, sorrow and suffering.

  • Compassion has sympathy (pity/understanding) for others, and is interested in them and concerned about them.
When one sees the helplessness, the massive amount of people in want, distressed without help; it causes compassion to develop within the praying soul.

The heart is stirred and prayer becomes more earnest. Jesus was stirred with compassion and meets the need of the helpless.

Yes, it is this very excitement of compassion that reaches into the very depth of the heart moved by the sinfulness of sin for humanity and is moved like our Lord was moved as it is written, “when he saw the multitudes, with their hunger, and various conditions of helplessness he was moved with compassion on them.” He saw their need and had compassion on them, praying for the multitudes.

It is said, that compassion may not always move men, but is always moved toward men. Compassion may not always turn men to God, but it will, and does, turn God to man. At times prayer may be the only means of help to relieve the needs of others.

The very thing that appealed to our Lord’s compassionate nature was that the multitudes were as sheep having no shepherd. If only we would have the compassion of Christ, where the hungry would move us and the sight of the sufferings and diseases of the multitudes stirred the very depth of our soul/heart to pray the very prayer of deliverance.

There is an urgency of prayer that is born out of compassion for perishing humanity.

I see a lacking even in my own heart and soul for the compassion of the lost soul.

  • Lord, put in me such a compassion for the lost soul. It is my prayer TODAY those laborers would come forth that are God-chosen, God-sent, and God-commissioned.

This will only happen through prayer. The harvest is ripe but there is a lack of laborers due to the failure of a praying people/church.

Truly, prayer must go to the foremost front of the church for the Lord of harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest…stirred with prayer and compassion for the sinner redeemed in Christ.

If Christ, the one at the Fathers right hand is filled with such compassion than we should have the same compassion on the helpless to move us to prayer. We are to be earnestly praying the prayer of mercy and compassion seeing the ever moving hand of God on the helpless and  changed into a people after God’s very heart. Yes, a Changed Life through prayer.

As always, Love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark