The Just

This morning my thoughts go to the power of the believer, for the JUST shall (will) live by faith. Our faith must be a faith in Christ Jesus and His finished work.

The Just -the “righteous” – (the born-again-believer) must live by faith…that is applying the very Word of God to and in our daily lives, living it. We cannot know or experience God without the exercise of it.

Just as we trust and believe by Faith in and for our Salvation, so we must trust, believe and really expect by Faith that God will hear us in our prayers. So, how about your prayer life? We are justified by faith, believing, applying and expecting that what He says in His Word is the GOSPEL TRUTH.

As you read His Word it must take root in your spirit and heart, no doubt, no wavering; just like a child trusts His/ Her Daddy and makes a big jump into His arms.

So we must, in that respect jump into the arms of our Father God with COMPLETE TRUST in His Word. His promises are YES and AMEN.

Expecting by faith and anticipation is a great experience, for when we know it will happen…IT WILL HAPPEN.

You may say, but Brother Paul, I have tried to believe…. Are you desperate?  Let me say it again, TRUST requires letting go of ANY doubt…no wavering. GOD is a healer and wants the best for His children.

TRUST His Word,

When His Word takes root in the heart of man it WILL happen as promised!

NEVER stop asking,

NEVER stop seeking,

NEVER stop knocking!
NEVER stop expecting for the answer.

Ask, seek and knock…God will answer! He is faithful! The believer, the “just” must be faithful to God and His Word. God has promised to answer the prayers of the faithful.

As always, love in Christ Jesus
Paul Lundmark

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