Christ Holds us Together  – Christ IN YOU – Colossians

Again this morning I am excited to share this Good News in my daily thoughts as stated in Colossians. With Christ living in you He can and will hold things together and you can be assured that no matter how bad your circumstances or situations are, Christ Himself is their making intercession for you. Yes, as the scripture states, “He holds all creation together.”

Isn’t it exciting to know that you serve a living Jesus, with so much power and strength? Put your own name in the brackets and see how personal the scriptures read…they are alive, active and powerful!

Colossians 1:20 – 23 (NLT) and through him God reconciled everything to himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross. This includes you (Paul) who were once far away from God. You (Paul) were his enemies, separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions. Yet now he has reconciled (Paul) to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought (Paul) into his own presence, and (Paul) (is) holy and blameless as (Paul) stand before him without a single fault. But (Paul) must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away from the assurance (Paul) received when (Paul) heard the Good News. The Good News has been preached all over the world, and I, Paul, have been appointed as God’s servant to proclaim it.

God made a way (cleared a path) for us to come to Him through Christ’s death on the cross with the blood of His own human body…yes, Christ Himself making peace with God and mankind.

Do you see what God did? He actually made a way regardless of what your sin might have been or what you have done, for ALL to have peace with God. Are you getting this? Because of Christ’s death on the cross His blood brought you into the very presence of God. Vision yourself standing there before Him NOTHING left against you…your are forgiven, cleansed…the slate is clean. The past is gone…you have a new life…you’re a new person, because of Jesus you have been set free. Do you believe and receive this?

Colossians 1:26 – 27 (NLT) This message was kept secret for centuries and generations past, but now it has been revealed to God’s people. vs27 For God wanted them to know that the riches and glory of Christ are for you Gentiles, too. And this is the secret: Christ lives in you (Paul). This gives you assurance of sharing his glory.

Verse 27 means so much to me. “Christ “IN” you, Christ “IN” me, the hope of glory.

Do you see this as I see it? Christ lives “in” you – not around you-not up in heaven, but actually living in and through you as He does His work in a body today, (Paul’s) body. Your life is no longer your own –it belongs to Jesus, because He is living in and through you.

How exciting to know that the Person living in and through my very heartbeat is Jesus Himself.

Colossians 1:28 – 29 (NLT) So (Paul) tell others about Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all the wisdom God has given (Paul). (Paul) want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ. That’s why (Paul) work and struggle so hard, depending on Christ’s mighty power that works within me.

Are you sharing the Gospel…really talking to ALL who will listen? This is your Christian responsibility.

  • Do you warn people and teach people as best you know how?
  • Do you have this burning desire to be able to present each one to God, perfect because of what Christ has done for each of them?
  • Do you realize what Christ has done… not only for you but for them… for those out in the world that doesn’t know Him?

Begin today to:
Share Love, Share God and Share Life!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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