The Authority of Christ

Today’s daily thought is all about the season of Christmas, all about a gift from God to His creation. Christmas to me is all about Jesus coming to us and living in us.

Let’s open this letter by stating that Jesus came not only to give us eternal life but also to save us from Satan’s deceptive practices. Believing in Christ is what the “born-again” experience is all about.

Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life.” A life in Christ is a life directed and guided by the Holy Spirit. Christ came to give us “life and life more abundantly.”

Yes, because of Jesus’s birth, death, burial and resurrection, we now have the gift of the Holy Spirit guiding and directing us into all truth. As a believer we have an assurance of the hope of an eternity together with Jesus Christ and other believers. Christ in us the hope of glory.

Salvation is to be a life changing experience, forever. This includes winning over Satan in all areas of life through Jesus Christ; for Jesus already won the battle over Satan for us over 2000 years ago.

It can be as simple as believing and receiving. Don’t misunderstand me, the Christian life will have its times of testing, trials and tribulations.

Knowing who you are in Christ Jesus will help you win over the attacks of Satan. Jesus gave authority to all “believers” to use His name when we come into contact with Satan and His evil ways.

Believing and praying the promises of His Word over every situation is a must. The believer must use that authority in times of trouble.

Authority is simply knowing who we are in Christ Jesus, asking, believing, and standing until we receive God’s best for us, His answer-His Word, by faith.

Remember, God’s Word is alive and active and is God’s written authority given to  all mankind, to the one who will believe and receive.

Let’s never forget God’s gift to mankind is the very REASON for the SEASON, God’s gift to us “JESUS”.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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