We all are given a measure of faith. It is how we apply, use and obey God’s Word. We must be open in our heart to receive God’s Word as we hear and read His Word.

In James we are told what faith produces. First let me say, salvation only comes by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.

With that said: genuine faith can and will grow in the believer as we read, study and obey the Word of God.

Simply put, when God speaks, we listen…and we are to immediately obey, NO if or buts…thats faith…

… faith obeys God’s Word.

…faith removes discrimination.

…faith proves itself by works, it produces good works.

…faith bridles the tongue.

…faith produces Wisdom.

…faith produces Humility.

…faith produces Dependency on God.

…faith endures awaiting the return of Christ…patiently enduring this life, with an expectation of Our Lords return and the hereafter, Eternity.

…faith prays for the afflicted – (those suffering trouble – enduring hardships, also those that are ill – sick. We all must evaluate our life in times like these for any sin and or unconfess sin if that is the case. Faith (shall) save the sick – delieved from weariedness. Simply put, “if” these conditions are met for healing (unconfessed sin) they will also have been met for forgiveness.

…faith confronts the Erring brother… that of a professing Christian for as long as he persists in his sin, refusing to confess it or forsake it, he will be endanger of physical death. In my opinion this could possibly be what is considered (sin unto death) as mentioned in 1 John 5:16.

This is why there is a great need for Christians to try diligently to convert or “turn him back” from the dangerous course he is traveling. Just as a side note, it may be that the friend or person did not have or receive a genuine profession of faith in Christ in the first place. If this is the case, he then needs to be saved not only from physical death but also from eternal spiritual death.

May you always abound in your faith, from moment to moment, day to day until the coming of the Lord!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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