Prayer/ Communication

Enjoying a THANKFUL morning. This morning, my thoughts go to Prayer; when to pray, the reason to pray, the meaning of prayer and how to pray. Prayer should always come from the heart with a thankful attitude.

As I think about Prayer and what it means to me, I realize how it mixes both the spiritual and physical. True Prayer or you might say, answered prayer, comes from the heart, birthed from the soul of man.

Out of the needs of life we reach out to God through Prayer, out of thankfulness we communicate to our Heavenly Father and many times out of fear and desperation, we reach out to Him.

What is interesting is that prayer is formulated in our thoughts, mind, heart and spirit. So many times we respond in Prayer with hands lifted up, or our heads and eyes bowed, and times of hands, head and eyes lifted up. Many times we will kneel and pray. There is no certain way to prayer, simply, as the spirit leads, we are to pray this is a fact.

There are times we pray with praise, worship and respond to God in a dance, for the joy of the Lord is our strength. God inhabits those that love and praise Him. He created us to give Him adoration in our prayer through our physical bodies. I believe God is pleased when we use our whole body to praise Him. When it comes from the heart it becomes as beautiful incense to God.

Since Prayer is comminication to God through our body, comprising of the mind, spirit and soul; we will use the whole body to pray; for true prayer comes from the heart of praise, worship which consists using both the spiritual and physical part of our being.

In Psalm we read, with my whole being I will praise thee. It seems so many times answered prayer comes through out of desperation or you might say, birthed from the heart and soul of man. This answered prayer comes out of our relationship with our Father, God.

Answered prayer is birthed from the heart or soul of man and a desperate soul will never let go until God moves.  The desperate soul not only knows God can but God will. The promise of answered prayer for this need is birthed in your mind, heart and spirit bringing the fruit you have asked for.

Another way to say this is, I know that I know…there is no doubt it will come to pass.

The Bible states with my spirit will I pray to thee but also with my mind will I praise thee. There are times we don’t know how to pray and this is where the Holy Spirit will intercede on our behalf. The spirit filled beliver will pray in the spirit and many times come out of prayer with a newness and an answer to what they are asking for.

Praise God, for He has given the believer all the tools to live a life of obedience, holiness and purity. In Christ we live, move and have our being.

The Lords Prayer as stated in Luke chapter 11. Jesus was asked by one of His disciples to teach them how to pray.

As in this “model prayer” known as, “The Lord’s Prayer”, we can see somewhat of a blueprint or example taught by Jesus. Remember, prayer is always to be from the heart and not a repetition or a particular set of words put together in a repetitive way.

Let me first say, Prayer is simply, communication to God, our Father; to be given in all things and for all things. In other words, prayer is to be ever going, never creasing.

Jesus did not necessarily prayer exactly these exact words for He stated to the Disciples to pray in this manner, or you might say; pray in “like manner”. It was not meant to mean to pray in the same words but was to be in or as in the same spirit. We are to use our own words from our heart. Again, this was only a manner in which we are to pray, not necessarily the same words to pray.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark.

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