Our Words in Prayer

Again this morning, my thoughts go to the importance of prayer and our words in prayer. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gave us a prime example on how to pray, in which through the years has been called “The Lord’s Prayer.

When praying we should always start with giving honor to our Heavenly Father, God, that of praise, thanksgiving and worship.

As you pray, lead into asking God to have His way on earth as in heaven.

Next begin to ask for forgiveness of your sins; and to forgive others that have wronged or hurt you.

We than proceed to ask for His protection over evil and not to lead us into temptations.

What is it that you are in need of? Ask in faith, believe and let God, trust God for the answer. End the prayer with giving glory to your Heavenly Father, through Christ Jesus.

Let me share a blueprint for prayer, in which I see as revealed in “the Lord’s Prayer”; again, prayer is to be from the heart to God our Heavenly Father. Prayer is not to be a set of words as a repetition prayer or repetition formatted over and over again. Prayer should always be fresh from the heart for that particular time of worship, praise or asking in time of need.

This pattern, you might say, can be remember in the word ACTS, or broken down from the very letters,


A. for adoration, give God praise.

C. for confession, confess your sins.

T. for thanksgiving, thank Him for what He has just done, cleansed, washed away all your confessed sin.
Repentance is a good thing for without repentance there is NO FORGIVENESS, but through repenting, our Lord and Savior hears our cries, and meets our need. Oh…how precious is the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins…and through Jesus we have access to our Heavenly Father, God.

S. for supplication, that of asking. NOW, this is where I see you might say, the rubber meets the road. Because we/ I am made righteous in Christ Jesus, I can come boldly to the throne room of God.

When I pray, I see my self walking into the very throne room of God…asking in faith, believing that what I have asked for, will come about. Won’t you take time out and step into the throne room of God, and receive what you are in need of.

There are many promises in the Bible ready to be fulfilled to the believer who asks in faith.

As the Bible states, “the prayer of the righteous availtheth much”. The Word of God given to man is more precious than Gold…

What is it you are in need of? …God is waiting for you to come to the throne of grace in faith…”ask, seek and knock” and you will find. The promises of God are there waiting to be claimed.

Prayer is the way to GOD’S HEART and when spoken from your heart, your spirit leaps inside knowing our Father cares about you, His child.

Throughout the Gospels Jesus taught other truths on prayer and gave us examples of what prayer is to be. Let’s look at a few.

Prayer should be “believing prayer” as stated in Ma. 21:22. Do you really believe what you pray? Are you asking in faith, what God’s Word says you can have? There are many promises in His Word that is yours and you can receive, begin to ask, believe by faith you have them. Find the promise, pray the promise in faith over qnd in your life.

Prayer should be “watchful prayer” as stated in Ma. 26:41. Prayer must always be prayed as God’s will and not our will. Do not allow our own selfishness get in the way of God’s will. None of me but all of Him. Many times during prayer the Holy Spirit will pray within us and release the very answer to us during prayer.

Prayer should be “persistant prayer” as stated in Luke 18:1. Prayer is to be “pray without ceasing”. In other words, never give up, pray until something happens.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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