Is Your Wick Trimmed?

We as believers, are to keep our wicks trimmed. The time is near, for the coming of our Lord, when He will bring His people with Him, caught up in the air.

This time of being caught up with Christ in the air, is consider to be the rapture of His Church, those who are the true believers. This could take place any time.

As we look around in the world, the signs of this time of the rapture is as close as today, in other words…it could be today. Jesus stated in Matthew chapter 24, the signs to look for when He shall return, both the rapture of the church and His return after the tribulation.

In my opinion, all the signs has been fulfilled for the rapture of the church; those that has heeded His call and have their wicks trimmed will be caught up with Him in the sky.

I believe Christ Jesus is patiently waiting, holding out, giving a little more time for those whom will heed His call. He loves all mankind and truly is calling all to Him before this Glorious time of the rapture of His saints.

Again let me say; the time is very close to the rapture of the church, those following Christ Jesus, in spirit and truth, obeying and following the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be caught up in the air and miss the devastating and trying times during the tribulation.

We are to always be watchful; in other words, keeping our thoughts, mind and heart on Godly ways, in thoughts, word and deed.

This is what is meant to keep our wicks trimmed. Yes, the Word of God has everything for living a Godly life now and if applied will keep us watchful and ready for the rapture.

Those who are applying; walking in the Spirit of His Word will know Christ and will hear His voice when He calls.

Those that are not expecting His return are those living for themselves and have not prepared their minds and heart for His return.

They have not heeded His call and have not kept their wicks trimmed. You might say, those whom have once believed the Words of the Lord have allowed the light of Christ to go out.

God has a plan, and His plan is unfolding and being fulfilled this very hour.

May I encourage all that have not received the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their hearts to make this your priority today, for we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Also let me encourage those who have allowed the cares of life to be their priority and have not continued in the faith or have not been following and applying the Word of God.

Now is a good time to turn back to the faith you once had, repent and go forth from this day on making Jesus Christ your priority.

Let’s keep our wicks trimmed by reading, obeying and applying the Word of God and when Jesus calls we will be caught up with Him in the air.

So for now; share love, share God and share life.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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