“Religious” or “Christianity”

So much is said about “religion’ in todays world. I would like to ask this question. If there is such a thing as “true religion” where is it and where can we find it?

I find in James 1:26-27 an interesting thought, in regards to the word “religious” and “religion”. Let me make it clear, the usage of this word in the Bible. Religious here, is pertaining to the outward show of reverence.

This word “religion” was not necessarily referring to “Christianity” as so many reflects. Religion and “religious” are used in the Bible only in the relation to pagan religions.

In Colossians 2:18, religion was translated into the word worshiping that of angels and not God. Christianity is not to be looked at as a religion but must be looked at as a faith in God. Christianity is our faith in a living God that wants a relationship, today, with His creation. God has made a way, through His Son Jesus, the Christ and Redeemer of our soul.

True Christianity is about the inner man being changed, our mind (our thoughts), our heart and our soul. Yes, as a believer, our faith in what Christ did through the cross and a risen Savior, what He is doing in the hearts of those who will believe and receive. Christianity is and will reflect Christ in ever person whom will put their faith in the risen Savior, Christ Jesus.

“Christianity” is simply, putting one’s faith in Christ Jesus, whom changes our very heart. This is God’s gift, a free gift given to mankind, to whom will believe and recieve. Believing, trusting and placing our faith, strictly in the working of Christ, in the believer.

This is an inner work of the heart, the work of the Holy Spirit in and on the believer…the very miracle of regeneration, making us into a new man, His righteousness working in us and through us. There is no “religion” in the world that can proclaim and has ever been proven to do what “Christianity” can do, change the inner man into the very image of Christ. No “religion” can save you from your sins and and there is no religion that can give you eternal life.

Faith in Christ Jesus, and Him alone, is the only way to the Father, God and there is only one way to be saved from our sins and be made right with God…it is through the Gospel plan of salvation given from God…having a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus, individually believing and receiving His grace and love into our hearts. This is “Christianity”. There is no “religion” that can ever give you salvation and eternal life with our creator, God.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark.

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