“Be ye Holy”

Again, this morning my thoughts go to God’s Word. So precious and fulfilling to read and meditate on. Full of knowledge and wisdom. We are truly blessed to have the written Word of God to fill our thoughts, mind and hearts with.

As I go to 1 Peter 1:13- 21, I read of the importance of having our thoughts and minds reflecting on good things. Here we see the necessity of keeping our minds, thoughts and attitudes focused on the good, not the bad. God is a holy God, in like manner we are to be holy as God is holy in every manner; thoughts, attitude and deed.

So many times we allow our thoughts and minds to become shallow. We must always keep our thoughts and mind under control. Our thoughts and mind should stay on and always be in a thoughtful and serious manner not that of a non-respectful or in a disrespectful way.

In these scriptures we read to “gird up” our minds, keep them, you might say “captive” always in a respectful way. When we allow our thoughts and mind to be loose our actions and attitudes will follow for the good or bad. We are warned here in verse 14 to be “obedient children, not fashioning (conforming) yourself according to the former lusts in ignorance”. We are not to conform to the world.

“God has called us all unto holiness, this includes all forms and manner of conversations; because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy”.

We will be judged on our whole life work not on our “works”. This is the work on believing in Christ. Christ is coming back for a church, a people without spot or wrinkle.

May I encourage us all to become serious in our thought and conversations so to live a life acceptable unto God; in our actions, deeds and attitude for they will follow after our thoughts, our mind and heart.

Our faith and hope is to always be in God and follow after the way of holiness from a pure heart in our thoughts and mind. If our thoughts and mind is right so will our conversations be right.

As always,
love in Christ Jesus,

Paul Lundmark

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