There is More to Christmas than a Tree

Christmas is a time of caring,
Laughing, giving and also sharing.

Christ came as a babe in the night,
So we could learn how to fight.

Each day as His celebration draws near, It’s as if I could almost hear.

The Angels proclaim His birth to all,
Saying for each of us to heed the call.

Christ is coming for all men, That’s why His blood covers all our sins.

The manger, the Hay, the Lights the Star, Which on that night came from afar.

Leading, guiding and directing wise men, Which took them places they had not been.

There is more to Christmas than just a tree, Tensile and garland won’t set me free.

Then the day came He gave His life,
So all men would know life.

He gave His all for me and you,
He then instructed us to go and do.

So don’t forget the reason He came,
Without Christ in Christmas It would never be the same.

by: Gleneva Lundmark

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