Giving and Receiving

My thoughts of the day is a MESSAGE for the season, as we celebrate the time of our Lord and Savior’s birth. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Just as Christmas is a time of giving, it is also a time of receiving. God became flesh in the form of a human man; a baby born from a virgin, the baby Jesus.

God gave us His Son, Jesus, as a gift and we are to receive the gift from God into our hearts. We celebrate His birth on Christmas Day, December 25th.

You too can have Eternal Life with Him and be saved from your sin if you receive Jesus into your life, believe and receive God’s plan of Salvation for you and all mankind.

This gift from God is given to all who will believe. All that is need is to receive this free gift by faith given from God. His gift to you when you believe and accept His Son, Jesus, who was born on this celebrated day over 2000 years ago to save us from our sins. He became a Savior and Lord to all mankind.

We all were born into sin with our natural, carnal nature. Sin brings destruction and ultimately death in one’s life, an eternal death in hell; which will separate us from Heaven and our Heavenly Father, God. This is truly the  reason for the season of Christmas.

God’s desire is to have a relationship with his creation. He has given us a freewill to choose, heaven or hell. It is our choice.  By doing nothing you will stay in your natural born sinful state and miss Eternity with God.

Simply, receive Jesus into your heart and receive a new spirit into your life or do nothing and deny Jesus.

SIN was brought to life when Adam disobeyed God. God said that man had to die because of his disobedience. In sinning, man dies spiritually, forever separated with God.

Over 2000 years ago, God came as man, (baby Jesus) and grew up as a full grown man, going through life, experiencing what we experience. He died and rose again so we could have life with Him and experience the love of the Father. His blood was shed to wash away our sin.

NOW, TODAY, we can have life and life more abundantly through Jesus Christ. It was God’s plan that man must die so that life could once again be established in man.

Yes, taking up our own cross, daily, or you might say, dying out daily to the old man called “sin” is a must to live a life of freedom and a peace of mind of “Eternal Life”. We must receive the new spirit of Christ and this only will come through knowing Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

Make the RIGHT CHOICE and choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior, TODAY! You will never regret it! He will give you a new spirit, a fresh start in this life and an assurance of eternal life with God, hereafter.

There becomes an unspeakable joy that fills the heart and soul of the born-again believer.  This relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will lead you into the very truth of the Gospel and His Word.

This new spirit, Christ in you, will teach you, guide you and lead you into all wisdom and understanding of His Word.

With this new spirit you receive an everlasting life with full assurance to be with your Creator, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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