12/30 – The TRUTH of the GOSPEL

Let me start this mornings thought by asking, what is TRUTH? Truth is often up to debate, but let me say, truth that relays on God’s Word has been proven to not fail.

Truth is what corresponds to reality. Consequently, what is real is true, what is unreal, is false, not truth. What is TRUTH?

TRUTH is facts, facts are absolute truth that are not tainted with reasoning and presumption in order to sway people in their direction. So many times people will assume a thing to be truth when in reality it is false.

It all comes down to where the facts come from. Here are some questions to look at when deciding the truth of the matter.

Does the information correspond to the reality of the given facts? Is the reality of the information given, to be all facts or partial unreal?

Partial truth can lead to the assumption of all truth. Satan has a way to place parial truth into the equation for those looking to satisfy their own agenda and in doing so can deceive many.

Do you trust the one presenting the facts?

Is their documentation to the facts given and is the information correct?

Is the information given proven without a shadow of a doubt or is it presumed to be correct?

Is the information “news” only partial truth mixed with presumption? Itchy ears look for ways to support their own beliefs or selfish ways.

As we have seen through the years news can be either “fake news” or “factual news”. Truth that is not factual is just that “news” “information” not necessarily truth.

Absolute Truth is God and His Word. Experiencing the truth will take accepting the facts, the truth. Jesus stated in God’s Word that He was the way, truth and life. When you experience and accept Jesus in your life you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

The very TRUTH of the matter in my opinion is derived from our own experiences and accepting the truth and knowledge of Jesus Christ in us as a believer.

Let me say, TRUTH comes from God. The TRUTH of the Gospel is always there to whom will believe and comes from God through the working of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible has been proven TRUTH through the years with prophecy being fulfilled time after time in both the Old and through out the New Testament.

Facts, truths of the Bible has been proven through the ages with documents and artifacts and the written Word of prophecy found to become a reality.

The truth of the Bible has been proven time after time to be factual and has become reality to many from generations to generations.

Even today, when one believes in the Bible and applies the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their personal life there is proven to be a change in one’s life for the good.

I do have to say through my own experiences of accepting and receiving God’s Word the Bible into my own life has brought about my belief and my faith as the absolute TRUTH of who He says He is and who He says I am in Christ Jesus.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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