Master of The Storm

As I walked, toward the City, The road was dusty and dry. In the distance a large crowd was forming, so I chose to slowly pass by.

A man alone was speaking, His message was very strong. So I stopped, to listen, before I continued along.

What He spoke was very compelling, I felt, I needed to stay. As the sun set, He grew tired, and He began to send us away.

He motioned, for the men, with Him, to climb into a boat. It looked so weathered and tattered, I wondered, would it even float?

The crowd, began dispersing, many ran to the other side. Crying, He was the Messiah, the Saviour, In Him they wanted to hide.

His body was very weary, so on a pillow, He lay in the boat. The waves and wind were strongly churning, as the men struggled to keep it a float.

I stood, on the shore in disbelief watching, as the winds and waves did rise. The Storm grew larger and larger, the boat, may soon capsize.

I looked up, to the heavens, the sky was now turning black. I knew I had to get to safety, or I would, not be coming back.

I ran, toward the city, as fast as my feet could go. I then heard the men screaming, “Master, this storm will capsize us, we know.”

I stopped and stood in amazement, as the Master slowly rose. With great power and authority, He commanded the winds to go.

Then speaking, to the storm, he called out, “Peace Be Still”. The winds and Sea obeyed him, His words they did fulfill.

I stood, just outside of the city, soaked clean to the bone. I was in shock and amazement, as I stood there all alone.

That day, changed my life forever, yes Storms, (Tempests), come and go. But He will, be the Master forever, of each and every storm.

No matter the Trouble or Trial, I am Facing, no matter how my weather forms. I will never forget as each day is breaking, that…..


Gleneva Lundmark

One thought on “Master of The Storm

  1. The Master of the Storm was plain and simpley put . Such a soft gentile reminder of what Jesus wants to be for us. May we never forget to put our trust in Him. Wonderful job


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