05/30 – Blessings of Thankfulness

This morning I ponder over both thanksgiving and praise in prayer and will say these two combinations gives us so many things, let me explain;

Praying with thanksgiving is vital in the life of the pray-er. As we take a few moments and reflect upon our life we can see how God has intervened to answer our prayers:

  • He has blessed us,
  • He has healed us,
  • He uses us,
  • He keeps us, watches over us, caring for us, time after time,
  • He provides,
  • He protects, the list goes on and on.

Ponder these questions for a few minutes:

  • How many times has God answered your prayers?
  • How many miracles has He given to you?
  • How has His ministry in your life changed you?
  • What has He done for members of your family?
  • How has He led you?

As we look at these things our hearts will go out to God with hearts of gratefulness; thanksgiving and praise to a God who is faithful and a God who does all things well! God is wanting, waiting for you to praise and give thanks.

Here is an exercise that will bring you into his presence.

Get alone, off somewhere you can pray without interruptions. Sit or kneel before God. Began to meditate on the promises of God, His Word. Maintain this attitude of prayer for a few moments and let your heart connect with God and God connect with you.

As you do this with faith believing that God does want to spend time with you, He will bless you with the joy of His presence. Allow God to speak to you through His Word and His Spirit.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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