06/11 – God’s Word and Sexual Explicit Behavior

Today’s thoughts will bring us to the conclusion on the subject in which the Bible speaks of as sin. Sin is everywhere in today’s world with technology being used to infiltrate our mind and hearts. 

In today’s world it is of most important to be determined not to allow things of this world to distract you. Keeping your relationship with God will take setting your mind and thoughts on Godly ways. Thinking on things that are of good report and staying away from the things that are not. We in ourselves make that decision daily, whom we will serve.

Technology in itself is not evil but it is what we allow in our mind and hearts. It is what we allow through these devises that will corrupt us. Our smart phones, smart T.V., and internet acceptance in our everyday living has become the norm and can become a ruling factor in our everyday lives.

The problem now arises with the acceptance of explicit material all over TV, the internet, ads, and movies.

Pornography is SIN: Pornography is the presentation of sexual explicit behavior, as in a photograph (a picture, movie, or book) intended to arouse sexual excitement. Sexual excitement was created for ONLY within the marriage…the union of a man and woman.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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