06/12 – A Lighthouse

In today’s thoughts let’s look at the purpose of a lighthouse. We are to be a lighthouse; that is defined as a beacon or signal to aid in warning.

Jesus is the lighthouse and as a Christian we are to follow in Christ’s footsteps; being a vessel, an instrument, a lighthouse for the light of Jesus to flow through. This will happen when you accept Jesus into your heart and apply the Word of God into your daily living. The Holy Spirit will guide, direct and teach you all truth.

Two important thoughts to ponder:

  1. God gave us Jesus through the born again experience so God could live in us. “Christ in us the hope of glory”. What a promise, Christ living in us.
  2. God gave us another experience, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, so Christ could flow through us, from us and out of us. You might say, Christ is the “beacon” the light inside of us and through the power of the Holy Spirit given by God; Christ is able to flow through us and flow from us with such an anointing that changes the very heart of the sinful man to become Christlike and be able to have communion with God and live in a relationship with God for eternity.

With the born-again experience, and the Spirit filled life, Jesus Christ comes alive in us to heal a hurting and dying world.

As a Christian, figuratively speaking, we are:

  • to become a lighthouse, a beacon or signal to aid in warning,
  • an instrument or vessel for God’s use,
  • a light for all to see.

Jesus is the light and we are to be a lighthouse where the light portrays from.

In other words: a vessel or instrument from which the Holy Spirit is manifested, yes the very light of Jesus radiating from us.

Jesus said for us to be the LIGHT of the world, that is: Spiritual awareness; illumination; something that provides information or enlightens coming from the guiding spirit or divine presence in each person. Light cause darkness to fade – to disappear.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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