06/14 – We are Heirs “in the Family”

Let me begin today’s thought by reflecting on Apostle Paul’s thankful heart for the Church and how Paul prayed that the Church would have a spirit of wisdom.

Apostle Paul prayed that the Church would receive or comprehend spiritual truth – “understanding” referring to the ability to apply that insight to the problems of life which comes from God not man.

Apostle Paul prayed that the church would understand, “comprehend ” the born again experience, Christ in us and becoming filled with the Holy Spirit; Christ flowing through us.

Another way to put it- is – it’s the ability to use knowledge. Paul literally was praying that we might know and have wisdom to grasp the riches of the work that God wrought in Christ for us.

Let’s look again in Colossians 1:12. Here Paul is speaking to the Colossian church of their inheritance. Do you know where you came from?

  • Colossians 1:12-14 always thanking the Father, who has enabled you to share the inheritance that belongs to God’s holy people, who live in the light. For he has rescued us from the one who rules in the kingdom of darkness, and he has brought us into the Kingdom of his dear Son. God has purchased our freedom with his blood and has forgiven all our sins.

Here in verse 12, we see Paul moving from experience to expectation…expecting the “saints” to partake of the inheritance that belongs to them as God’s Holy children.

Paul prayed that they would grow in spiritual understanding thru endurance, patience and thankfulness.

Prayer requires discipline and consistency. Yes, this same power that was in Christ is in you and me; if we are filled with the Holy Spirit and if we would only believe, apply by faith and we will receive what is needed for the day.

God “has put all things in subjection under Christ feet”. Yes, that puts you and me under the authority of Christ.  I am so excited to know that Christ is in me. We are the earth part of the Body of Christ; Christ is the Head over all things for the benefit of the Church.

Yes, we are “more than conquerors” in the midst of every perplexing condition. We are clothed with the ability on High by our faith.

We are Partakers of the Inheritance of the saints.

Partakers of grace.

  • Philippians 1:7 It is right that I should feel as I do about all of you, for you have a very special place in my heart. We have shared together the blessings of God, both when I was in prison and when I was out, defending the truth and telling others the Good News.

Partakers of Christ’s suffering.

  • 1 Peter 4:13 Instead, be very glad—because these trials will make you partners with Christ in his suffering, and afterward you will have the wonderful joy of sharing his glory when it is displayed to all the world.

Partakers of the divine nature.

  • 2 Peter 1:4 And by that same mighty power, he has given us all of his rich and wonderful promises. He has promised that you will escape the decadence all around you caused by evil desires and that you will share in his divine nature.

This mighty “power” was the Greek word (dunamis) meaning; force (literally or figuratively); specifically miraculous power (usually by implication a miracle itself):—ability, abundance, meaning, might (-ily, -y, -y deed), (worker of) miracle (-s), power, strength, violence, mighty (wonderful) work.

Through Jesus we have power/authority over the principalities of darkness in our lives for everthing is under His feet and under His authority. With Christ in the believer we have authority over Satan and His demons.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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