06/25 – No Time

Your life – our life, can be over in one last breath. We never know when our last breath may be…and than eternity.

As my wife Gleneva, shares her story from two years ago, she came to a realization that life is here one moment and gone the next.

Here is her story…as she states…

“I never even had a chance to tell anyone I loved them!

On Tuesday May 26, 2020, at 11:03am my heart went into a dangerous, V-Fib. I was down, eyes wide open, with my heart not pumping any blood, not breathing flat, on the floor. At that moment I had no life I had no future as I know it.

I did not even have one second to even ask God to forgive me for anything that may have been in my heart.

I thank God for a faith believing, Bible toting Man, who believes God’s word. As I lay totally oblivious of life around me, he cried out to God first then to 911. He said, “God I need you, God I need Gleneva, In the name of Jesus.”
At that moment I believe God heard his prayer and charged up the defibrilator for a power jolt.

I awoke to a very frantic man on the phone crying out to God, and the 911 operator.

I was down but not out! The situation was serious. I had other physical issues that had played a big part in the v-fib. I was rushed by Ambulance to the hospital, admitted to the ICU!

About midnight the rhythm of my heart was erratic and I again passed into perfect restful peace. I awoke to the nurse screaming my name, I guess my defibrillator had bolted me again, I was again oblivious to this power surge.

As they were able to arouse me they kept saying that my box had went off, at first I did not connect what they were saying, turning onto my back to ask them if I had went out again I quickly found out what a pacemaker/defibrillator can do, not once but twice within 30 seconds of each other.

Bolts of power surged through my body. It was unbearable and I was told if not immediately corrected by the Dr’s there at that time, that the outcome whould not have not been good!

(thank God for facetime) with the help of my Doctor and the Doctors in ICU they were able to reset peramitors and stop it. It needed immediate attention for if it continued to zap me I would be dead in an hour.

Reflecting back today to what has happened and what I still have to surmount, in the coming weeks and months ahead, I will be telling each of you just how important you all, are to me.

Because just as last Tuesday I may never get another chance to hold you or those I truly love and appreciate close and and tell you how much I love you and what you have meant to me.

God has been so good to me, He has given me a new life a new day, a second chance. I have no promise of the next second but I will reinforce God’s love and my love for you all and His love for all mankind.

I continue to cherish your love and prayers, Thank you so much for them! ❤

My temple was and is prepared for life with Him it is clean and in order, it was before this all happened.

None of us know when that moment will be, you may not have a chance to ask for forgiveness nor to be forgiven.

All I know is I am!

I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be able to convey to you all, just how much I love you and appreciate you all, and I always will!” ❤❤❤

Gleneva Lundmark

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