07/07 – Simply Faith – Child-like TRUST

In today’s thoughts Jesus gives us the very secret in Matthew on how to come to God and believe. It takes ONLY simple faith, yes, the simplest kind of faith; child-like trust.

Simply put, this is TRUST. God said it and I believe it! Again, God is asking you. Are you willing to come as a little child? In simple faith?

  • Matthew 18:1 – 3 (NLT) About that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” Jesus called a little child to him and put the child among them. Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our faith and trust is not to be in the things of this world. Our trust is to be in Christ Jesus. He was victorious over Satan and won the battle over Satan for the entire human race.

It is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that we are now made FREE.

  • Do you believe?
  • Do you trust Him?

Yes, we are to trust Jesus to give us the victory over Satan, now, today, in our own individual lives. Trusting God and Jesus as our Redeemer, means making Him LORD in every area of our life.

Serving Christ means following His ways and teachings, 100%. In other words, your mind must be set.

There is to be NO Compromising.

As a follower of Jesus Christ we are to ask for, believe and receive, God’s gift, the gift of Holy Spirit; which will guide and comfort us through this life on earth, becoming victorious over any of Satan’s deceptive ways.

This precious gift, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, sent from God Himself, is for all believers to receive; to be our help in times of trouble. The Holy Spirit will guide and lead us into ALL truth, changing us into the very image of Jesus Christ.

Do you receive? As a believer filled with the Holy Spirit we are a NEW CREATURE, an over comer. A life of joy in Christ Jesus. Do you believe?

What is it that Satan has stolen from you? What is it that you are in need of? Come to your Father, God, with child like faith and receive what you need. He is willing to give you what you need.

  • Are you willing to receive?
  • Are you ready to receive?

Jesus gave us as believers, authority over Satan through the very blood that He shed; just for you! Do you believe?

Pray this prayer with me in agreement with God’s Word…

Let’s pray: “Father God, today is going to be the beginning of a new life for me…for I believe that Jesus Christ shed His blood for all my sins, died and was resurrected from the dead to give me new life in which I believe I am receiving NOW, as I confess my sins to you… (list them) and I repent (I turn from them, from this day forth) making you my Lord and Savior over my life…as your servant…

…I promise to follow you and serve you. I use the authority that you have given to me, NOW, to use your name as a believer. In Jesus name, I NOW take authority over the power of Satan for he has NO RIGHT in my life…

…I am in Christ Jesus, NOW, washed by His blood, cleansed from ALL sickness and disease. From this day forth I will walk in newness of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Satan, YOU MUST TAKE YOUR HANDS off of my mind, my body and my spirit. My emotions and my will is in God’s hands and I am His child…

…For I have been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ and from this day forth. I except His free gift of the Holy Spirit and from this day forward I WILL WALK in the FREEDOM given me by my Father, through Jesus Christ, AMEN.”

“Thank you, Father for my NEW LIFE in you!”

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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