07/21 – God’s Way Leads to Holiness

In today’s thoughts, my hope is that we will come into a deeper understanding of sanctification and consecration. God and man working together! Yes, His Spirit leading us as we follow, trust and obey.

This letter is written out of a burning desire, a hunger in my heart for more of a personal relationship with God our Father, through prayer and reading His Word.

It is my hope and desire to see this hunger in all believers and the mighty power of the Holy Spirit illuminating Christ in us.

As we begin to ask and seek God, yield and surrender all to Him, expect to be filled with His precious gift of the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Yes, we will get to know God as we draw near to Him.

We are to praise and worship our Father and He will not deny, what you are hungry for. The Holy Spirit; the one who convicts us of sin, our teacher, counselor and helper.

We will began to truly understand the meaning of truth, truth of the Gospel, as regards to human life and eternity.

There will be a desire to separate ourselves from worldly, places, things and yes, worldly desires. A love for God and the things of God will become more relevant in the spirit filled believer. Prayer and God’s Word will become of the utmost importance.

We will see a move of His Spirit, in our own personal lives, resulting from God’s sanctification process of holiness as we continue to allow Him to do a good work in us.

We also need to be alert and obedient doing our part in consecrating ourselves to live a life of Holiness. This infilling of the Holy Spirit will continue to led us into God’s will for us.

Stay hungry through prayer and reading His Word, the Bible, bringing forth life changing results. Christ in us working through us, resulting in souls brought into His Kingdom, bringing Glory to the Father through His Son, Jesus! Praise be to God!

Prayer is closely connected with consecration. In fact, Prayer is a direct result to consecration.

In today’s circle of Christian service, there is truly a lack of consecration, resulting from a lack of dedicated prayer. Consecration is much more than a life of so-called service.

Today in the church realm, there is much superficial/outward service but where is the inward life, the life of personal holiness stemming from the prayer closet; a brokenness, bringing spiritual power into the heart of the inner man.

Salvation is redemption by God, through Jesus Christ the Redeemer. When we become born again, we have been redeemed by God for His purpose.

A sanctified life is God’s part in the believer, in the process of being made holy resulting in a changed life-style.

God is calling His people to consecrate themselves that is setting apart their whole body: mind (emotions and will), spirit and soul to the worship and service of God.

You can say God sanctifies us and we consecrate ourselves by living a pure and holy life.

God Bless,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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