08/04 – Abiding in Christ

In today’s thoughts, let’s take a look at what it means to Abide in Christ. “Abiding in Christ” is the very foundation of prayer and a vital component of prayer. What do we mean “to abide – in Christ”?

  • To abide – has to do with waiting.
  • To abide – also involves remaining stable or fixed.
  • To abide – relates to continuing in a given place or dwelling. As we look at the definitions above on “abiding” we can see how important it is to “abide in Christ’.

“Abiding in Christ” is all about staying fixed in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; that is keeping our eyes fixed on the goal ahead, being with Him for eternity.

This will take being always watchful and waiting in Christ through reading His Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers.

This also brings forth a stable and fixed determination or steadfastness in and with Him…a continual love for Him. It was once said that the best witness of Christ to our families and friends is the life we live before them.

An important key to answered prayer is “abiding” or staying put in Christ. Jesus Himself tells us of this very important aspect of abiding in Him as stated in these scriptures.

  • John 15:4 – 5 (NLT) Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me. “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.
  • Acts 17:28 (NLT) For in him we live and move and exist. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’
  • Colossians 1:16 – 17 (NLT) for through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see—such as thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities in the unseen world. Everything was created through him and for him. He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.

As we have seen, “abiding in Christ”: involves:

  • waiting,
  • preserving,
  • enduring,
  • keep on keeping on,
  • staying put, withstanding,
  • bearing patiently, and
  • staying fixed on the prize ahead of us, Eternal Life.

For we are promised eternal life if we stay planted in Christ Jesus. The key to receiving all that God has for the believer is to “abide in Christ” –

  • stay in the faith;
  • remain faithful,
  • stay obedient to the teachings of the Lord.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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