Forgiveness and Repentance

In beginning todays thoughts, I must say this morning; God is merciful and gracious, for He has made a way for us to come to Him through Christ Jesus and our sins forgiven; for his blood washes away all sin. Yes, salvation/healing is for all to receive by faith in our risen Savior!

Godly sorrow – genuine forgiveness and repentance brings forth healing; in the mind, body, soul and spirit. Without genuine godly sorrow there will be anxiety and fear which will eventually bring both physical and eternal death, damnation.

How exciting to know that in Christ we can live a life of forgiveness and repentance free from sin. Yes, there will come consequences from our sin but “godly sorrow” will bring about healing in your body, soul and spirit.

I thank God for his love, given to all mankind if they would heed to the drawing, calling of the Holy Spirit to make things right.

In Christ there is NO condemnation. Let’s begin today to look to God and ask for forgiveness and repent with a “godly sorrow” so we can live a life of “freedom” in Christ Jesus.

Thank God for his plan of “salvation” given to all who will believe and receive. This “salvation” is a healing for today and an eternity with our maker and creator, in the hereafter.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul  Lundmark

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