Prevailing Prayer – Win

In today’s thoughts let’s look at what is meant by prevailing prayer. Prayer that overcomes, that comes ahead or you might say, wins over satan. We can also say prevailing prayer may be considered answered prayer according to God’s will, His Word.

The purpose of any prayer should always be to bring glory and honor to God through the Lord. Prevailing Prayer is a must for revival. What I mean by prevailing prayer, is that of prayers that overcomes, succeeds, win through, and triumphs in and for all situations in every circumstance. It will take prevailing prayer to attain changes in every situation toward the will of God.

When there are situations that need changing, take it to God in earnest pray, knowing God can and will come through. Do what you can do and continue to believe, trust and obey God. God will never fail the one that is praying 🙏 earnestly, with a sincere heart. After taking your request to God in prayer, expect and anticipate an answer.

America needs revival and prevailing prayer is the answer. As we study great revivals in the past, they all resulted from prevailing prayer. For true revival comes about only with the combination of both the truth (the Word) and by prayer. All battles are won first in the Spirit and then manifested in the physical. So we might say, that prayer is answered through the power of the Holy Spirit working together with our spirit in and during prayer.

This does not necessary mean that praying in tongues have to be present for prayer to be answered; but it is interesting to note that the scriptures states that, “the Spirit knows how to pray when we of ourselves no not how to pray”. There becomes a peace and assurance when we pray in tongues to our Heavenly Father, for conditions and situations in life. I do find this to be true in so many cases of answered prayer. Praying in tongues during our private time with God, gives us the confidience to patiently wait for the answer.

Prevailing prayer will promote revival through two means:

1. an influence of men
2. to influence God; for prevailing prayer produces such a change in us that it will produce the will of God according to His Word.

Effectual or prevailing prayer is:

  • the prayer which attains the blessing that it seeks
  • and prayer that effects its object. James 5:16 (NLT) ”The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.”

Praying effectually means praying with submission to the will of God; Not contrary to “The Word”. An Example: If you need physical healing in your body (find the promise in the Bible that proclaims your situation …confess with your lips and believe in your mind (heart) that it is done according to God’s Word. Prevail/continue in prayer until you know in your Spirit it is a done thing.

Your Spirit will bare witness to the Holy Spirit. If you do not give up…you will receive your blessing (healing for the condition or situation), the answer to the request asked in faith.

Remember to pray the answer according to the promise! It will always be Christ in us that produces the faith in us to believe and receive.

What must a person do to prevail in prayer?

1. pray for a distinct, definite or a specific purpose or object; not random prayer
2. All prayer to be effective must be according with the will of God; brought forth from His revealed promises in the Bible, by the Holy Spirit placed into our spirit. We overcome by the words of our mouth, through faith…yes, prevailing prayer…the answer to every problem!

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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