Not by Works

As I ponder over this mornings thought, I could not stop thinking about God’s mercy and grace for us and towards us.

Someone once said to me that it was hard work and a struggle in being a Christian. As I penned this writing this morning, my thoughts go to the New Covenant and what it contains.

I began to realize that too many “christians” are trying to do the “christian walk”, by the law; trying to do good, be good, live right, through works.

Jesus came to set us free from the law, the law of sin and death, an eternity without Him. When we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our life, we are to live in Him; His Spirit will guide and direct us into all truth.

Simply put, the old nature will always be there, but we are to put on this new nature that comes in knowing Christ. There becomes a new desires and a want to live right.

We will have to make choices everyday, to live in His righteousness…we will have new desires for right living.

Remember, we are in this world but not to be of this world. Yes, we do have to make choices to live holy and pure unto God. This is not work “if” we love the Lord with all your heart, which includes our mind, emotions thoughts, spirit, soul and body.

“Christian living” becomes work, when we allow the cares of life (WORRY), the lust (pleasures) of the flesh, the do’s and dont’s from the law to control us.

May I go as far as to say we are not to let the cares of life, whatever they may be to even be part of us. We are to set our mind on the good, that which is of good report, pure and holy; for our Heavenly Father is pure and Holy, and if we love our Father we will want to please Him.

When we allow our mind to dwell on carnal things the old nature will take root or rule but if we guard our mind (our heart) and think on only that which is of good report, lovely, pure and holy we will live in the very righteousness of Christ Jesus.

Then “christian living” will truly become a “lifestyle” of who you are, whom God now calls you “His child”.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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