Faith Proves Itself by Works

A morning thought from the Book of James in the Bible. Let me start by saying, works will not and does not produce salvation and just as faith plus works cannot save you; but it is worthy to note that good works always accompany true saving faith.

Genuine faith, placed in Christ for your salvation, automatically produces works that demostrates its reality or you might say, by his works, you will know a man that has genuine faith in Christ Jesus for works will follow him.

Again, let me say, genuine faith in Christ Jesus will produce works but works in themselves will not produce salvation. As stated in James 2:16-20 “faith without works is dead”. Salvation only comes in and by a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In my next statement, we see that the Christian will demostrate his faith. Genuine faith of the Christian will act on or will be applied with his works and be justified by his works. You might call this, faith in action. Now we can see how faith was working “and by works was faith made perfect’.

By being obedient to God by faith when He speaks will truly bring about your miracle. James 2:24, ” ye see then that by works a man is justified, and not by faith alone.

Simply put, by acting on your faith (applying/works) positive results will come forth, for works was faith made perfect.

God and man working together. How exciting to know that God is still in the miracle/ healing business.

Have a blessed afternoon.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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