The Faith of Christ – November 3

This morning let me begin by stating that when Jesus was with the disciples he would warn them that there were those who were teaching legalism, (what we eat, drink and wear or the outer appearance of man, the do’s and dont’s of living by the law) and those of being skeptical in the truth of God’s Word.

So is today, with the teachings of legalism, that teaches following the law over the teachings of faith in Christ; which is faith in and through the regeneration of the heart and soul of a person, from a persons belief in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection; by faith and faith alone. We now can become a new creature in Christ Jesus, by believing in the Gospel of this new covenant of Christ in us.

Christ taught about the inner man or soul of a person for it is what will be judged and determines our future, eternal life with God our Father or eternal damnation with satan.

Salvation is all about the inner man or soul of man and a right relationship with our Father and Creator, God. When the inner man is made right the outer man will follow in obedience. Yes, God has made a way for all to receive this right relatonship with Him and it only comes through faith in His Redemption Plan; through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ and His resurrection power.

Yes, the righteousness of Christ Jesus in the believer working out good things in our lives, both spiritually and physically.

In other words, Christ in us the hope of glory. Faith in Christ and His finished work, that of forgiveness of sin through the shedding of His blood and a future of eternal life with our Father, God.

Yes, a new life in Him has begun. As a born- again believer, we are made new in Christ Jesus. We have become spiritually, a new creature, through regeneration; for old things are past away all things have become new, this is the truth of the Gospel.

Legalism (Pharisees) says that you live the “Christian life” by the law or by works and the skeptics (Sadducees), are looking for “signs and wonders” instead of living life by the doctrine of faith and faith alone in Christ Jesus.

Jesus said, ” it is better (to believe, trust or have faith) than to see”.

Truly ” faith is” faith in Christ Jesus and His “finished work”.

Obedience will follow the true believer whom has placed their Faith in Christ and God’s Word. As Jesus has stated, the true Christian will be a doer of the Word and not just a hearer only. To follow Christ and the Word is to obey Christ and the Word, in so doing we will fulfill the law, applying and a doer of the Word.

In conclusion, “if” Christ is in us, we will be as Him, Christ working through us in the power and might of the Holy Spirit. A vessel of honor, power and glory, that the Father may be glorified in His Son. This is truly what “Christianity” is all about…doing our Fathers business!

May the love, grace and mercy of Christ be with you this day,

As always, love in Christ Jesus.
Paul Lundmark

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