This Is THAT…

Todays thought is of the utmost importance in the believers life. FOR THIS IS THAT…in which Christ Himself said was to come after He went to the Father. Yes, God and our Lord Christ Jesus is with us in power through the working of the Holy Spirit in us.

May you be blessed with this letter as we look into what the Word of God says, about the Spirit filled life. Being filled with the Spirit has brought much controversy in the church throughout the ages.

What is being filled with the Spirit? What is meant to walk in the Spirit.? Is speaking in tongues (that of an unknown language) really necessary to the believer? Let me touch briefly on these questions.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is simply allowing the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) to have complete reign of and in your life. It was a commandment given by Jesus for all believers to “Receive the Holy Ghost” in John 20:22. Tongues are one of the signs which Jesus said would follow the believer and is one of the evidences of the Spirit filled life. Speaking in tongues is a very important part in the pray-ers’ life.

Everyone that received the Holy Ghost in the Bible spoke in Tongues. Speaking in tongues is a gift given to all believers’ whom will believe. Tongues is a vital part of the Spirit filled life… there are many times we do not know how to pray for a particular need or situation but as we pray in our heavenly language (tongues-a language unknown to you) the Holy Spirit prays deep within us and through us, building, strengthening, and comforting the pray-er.

The Spirit-filled life is a life that is totally surrendered to God and His ways. After we become saved (born-again), we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The infilling of the Holy Spirit brings your mind, body and spirit into the fullness of unity with God and Christ in you. As we surrender and yield to the power and working of the Holy Spirit, we are lead and directed by the Spirit.

After being filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidience of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance we are brought into a realization of the very presence of God with us in a greater way. We can be assured the Holy Spitit will always be with the born-again, Spirit- filled believer.

Remember, we all have free will throughout our lives, and walking in the Spirit will consist keeping our thoughts, mind, spirit and soul fed with the Word of God and communicating with our Lord and Savior on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit will comfort, guide, teach and lead us into all truth as we pay close attention to His leading, guidance and teaching.

It will take our part in making the right choices daily to follow His leading. God will sanctify us when we make Christ Jesus Lord of our life. The born-again experience, faith in Christ Jesus, will cleanse our heart and souls, by Gods grace and seal us unto eternal life. We will still have to do our part in living the Christian life, for we do have free will. Our part is what God calls consecration, or to set apart our thoughts, mind, spirit and body unto the Lord; in other words, living our life pleasing unto God.

God Bless, as always
Love in our Lord Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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