A New Mind in Christ Jesus

As a believer there will always be a battle in our minds, between the old man, old ways of unrighteouness, self-righteousness and the new man, the new man in Christ. But be assured, as a believer we now are made righteous in Christ Jesus. Yes, the old is gone, we are to put off the old and put on the new.

Our minds are very vulnerable to the old man. We are to guard our hearts by not allowing the mind to think on the things that are not righteous or holy. In doing so, we will not give any place for the devil. I can say that the mind is the very birthing place of good and evil to enter into our heart and souls when conceived which will be judged by the righteous judge.

With that said, we do have the responsibility to think on those things that are of good report, righteous and holy, for here lies right living. We are now children of light and not to be partakers of disobedience; for we once were children of darkness but now are children of light.

We are to walk as children of light, dwelling on the good things of God. As a new creation, a new man, we are to be filled and lead by the Holy Spirit.

“If” we keep our minds, guard our minds, set our minds and heart on only that of good report, that of good communication and right thinking, righteousness…we will stay in a right relationship with our Heavenly Father God, in doing so, we will be following His will for our lives.

The mind set on Godliness and Holiness, right living, will be of a new creation and a new man in Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed morning as we keep our minds focused on the goodness of Christ and live in the light of our inheritance.

As always, love in Christ Jesus,
Paul Lundmark

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