Are you Committed?

I feel the necessity and desire to be in the council of God’s Word once again. I am so thankful for the peace He gives and His love within my heart.

Proverbs 16 encourages the Godly life. It is God that “prepares” the heart in man. Verse 3 states; “Commit thy ways unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established”. To commit is NOT to turn back, to commit is to progress forward, to commit is to see it through to the end. When commited there are NO alternatives. Just the one way…the commitment to see it through, finished.

Yes, I am committed to the way of the Lord. I am committed to following Christ. Commitments in life are easily broken because they have not been established in their commitment. In other words, they truly did not commit, for true commitment means see it to the finish.

When we give our hearts to the Lord we are saying I commit to following Christ Jesus to the very end. God knows the very heart of man and when true commitment is made to become a “Christian” our thoughts will be established.

Let me put it this way, I did commit to be the husband to my wife 45 years ago. I committed to love and cherish her until death do us part. I made that commitment with no thought of turning back. I made that commitment for a lifetime. THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO COMMIT!

“If” we have made a “commitment” as a born-again believer to follow Christ and accepted Him as our Savior and Lord, than we are saying I commit my life unto thee, with the “old” life in the past and a “new” life going forward.

Commitment to Christ is that of NOT turning back. God has promised in His Word to establish our thoughts when we commit our ways unto the Lord.

Are you committed to Christ as a believer and follower. You cannot look back. If you look back or go back to the “old” life you are not committed. Commitment to Christ means you will do it His way. Godly ways is a life long commitment. God has provided all that is needed in the Bible to see your commitment through to the end.

When we commit to Christ, we are saying I am yours and you are mine. When we committed to the Lord, as stated in verse 9; “…the Lord directs his path”. Being committed to Christ is no more our way but His way.

Commitment to Christ means I have determined, made up my mind, no turning back, no other alternative but a life long commitment to the life of Christian living directed by Christ’s commitment in me, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Christ made a commitment to shed His blood for me so I can be with Him today and for eternity. Yes, He defeated satan through His death, burial and resurrection so I can live a life of liberty and freedom from the deceptive, destructive life that is in this world.

God made a way through the Gospel plan and made a commitment to all who will believe, or all who will commit to His plan of redemption.

Again, when we commit to anything it is to see the commitment to the end. Our commitment to God as a born-again believer is not finished until we step into eternity, or you might say, until our last breath.

God has given us His Word and is committed to us as believers to take us to the end, it is sealed by His blood and the Holy Spirit within all believers. Commitment to Christ is to be forever in His presence 24/7.

There is perfect peace and joy in those who commit to follow Christ as their Savior and Lord.

I am committed…how about you?

As always, love in Christ Jesus, Paul Lundmark.

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