January 7: Conversation with God

This morning, my thoughts go to that of prayer. In today’s world, prayer is not considered an important part of one’s everyday life. Too many, sadly to say, prayer is something done only when in want of something. Yes, we are to go to our Heavenly Father when we are in need. But the Bible teaches to “pray continually” yes, without ceasing; in all situations, praise, thanksgiving, and worship given to our Heavenly Father. There will be times the Holy Spirit will lead us to get alone with God. This is the time to go after God for who He is, a loving Father. Getting to know the love of the Father will bring His love to you, in you, and through you. Love is of most importance and is to be in everything.

The “Spiritual gifts” or you might say, “Special abilities” will flourish in the believers’ life through the love of the Father to encourage and build up the Kingdom of God. Yes, everything is to be done with a prayerful state of mind and in a lovely manner, showing the love of the Father. So, let me ask, what is successful praying? Prayer is action in process. By this, I mean prayer from the heart will release your faith when praying God’s will (His Word).

Why Pray? Prayer puts us in touch with God. Our foremost reason to pray should be that of communicating with God. Listed below are a few other secondary reasons to pray.

  • We pray for healing.
  • We pray to be comforted.
  • We pray to be free from our carnal nature, such as; jealousy, anger, temptation, bitterness.
  • We pray specifically for others, that they will be healed, comforted, or freed from sins. (Intercession)
  • We pray because we are afraid, lonely, & confused.
  • We pray because we are filled with despair
  • We pray because we are filled with joy.
  • We pray because we are thankful…the list, why we pray, can go on and on.

What is Prayer?

  • Prayer is much more than a person kneeling, hands clasped, eyes shut, and mouth moving.
  • Prayer is a petition (a Plea) of thankfulness, of praise, for forgiveness, a request for answers.
  • Prayer is a desire for companionship, comfort, change, reassurance, help, and relief.
  • Prayer is making a petition, communion with God.
  • Prayer is a way to get to know God’s love.

Answered Prayer comes from a fervent request expecting an answer to the thing requested. Put another way, prayer involves a desire to commune with God, a willingness to commune; sitting, standing, kneeling; finding a comfortable way to make that happen.

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